Multilingual WordPress Plugin

Multilingual WordPress plugin for your blog.

How you can create posts and pages in WordPress blog using another language, such as, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Italian, French, Dutch, German, or other language using a plugin.

I have worked for a WordPress blog which has default language, English, and other language, which is Japanese, Korean, and Chinese enabled.

How to post in those foreign language?

Using qtranslate plugin as multilingual WordPress plugin is one of the solutions.

This plugin can enable you giving each post or pages language options settings.

Or you can do also these following alternatives:

1. Install WordPress in some folders, like /en for english, /de for German. etc

2. Use Google Translator widgets.

Google has a widget that can help your blog’s content to be translated accordingly depends on your visitor’s language. See my post how to add Google translator widget to your blog.

My first recommendation is using Google translator widget, and if you don’t like, you can consider using a multilingual wordpress plugin.

Screenshot of multilingual WordPress plugin, qtranslate.

multilingual wordpress plugin

Example of the multilingual wordpress plugin

I would use Google translate widget (option no.2), because with qtranslate, multilingual wordpress plugin, to achieve multilingual WordPress blog, you have to create different pages and different posts with the foreign language you want to use. It needs more work.

With Google translate widget, you just put it in your sidebar, and your readers can select the languages they speak, very easy and simple.

Also if you are the visitors, example you visit a Japanese site, and you want to be able to read Kanji or Hiragana fonts, you should have language pack installed in your PC/Mac. This way, if the site which is visited has a multilingual WordPress plugin installed, you can read or understand the content.

For more informations of multilanguage options and multilingual wordpress plugin see more in WordPress codex.

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