Multiple Blog Posts In WordPress

Have you ever wanted to be able to post in some several pages in your wordpress site? 

Most themes allow us to post only in home page or one page to hold your posts. In this video, we will create multiple blogs using one dashboard in wordpress using free template which will be modified by wp list categories codex.

We will manage how to post in categories, how to add categories, and how to find category ID in wordpress.

So at the end, you will be able to post in different pages in your blog based on wp_list_categories. It’s quite similar with wp_list_pages, in my other video which can be used to manage pages.

If you don’t want your posts appears in home or front page, choose “front page” in “static page” settings in Admin/Settings/Reading/.

Latest updates: if you are using wordpress 3 Twenty Ten theme, it will be really much easier, see more how to use categories in your navigation here.

Video Tutorial:

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