My Cool Thoughts For Facebook

Short explanations about my cool thought for facebook as social media to promote your blog.

One alternative to promote your blog is using facebook. Facebook is one of most important social media we can not ignore. Although i am new to facebook, i notice that there are really billions of people in this world who use facebook.

I don’t really spend much time for facebook, but with facebook you have so many cool applications, such as playing games, pokes someone, doing some quizzes. Facebook has lots of possibilities to promote your wordpress blog or even your business.

My tips how to use facebook to promote your blog or business are:

1. Get targetted traffics from facebook, by adding some friends who have same interest on blogging or your niche related topics.

2. Because facebook enable us to message some of our fans or friends, do not attempt to spam their inboxes or walls, else they will block you.

3. Put your blog’s URL as it is very effective way to display your site’s updates and can bring you more traffics.

4. Facebook has cool feature, which is enabling you to create groups. Try to search for same niche group and join the group.

5. Facebook has a fan page feature to be a source for your better traffics to your blog by trying to get people to be your loyal fans.

I use facebook as my social media alternatives, do you? :)

Video how to register to facebook.

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