New facebook profile sucks how to get the old one back

New facebook profile sucks — The new design of Facebook.

I don’t know since when the new design of facebook profile is enabled to use for Facebook members. (see facebook tag your friend post).

When i am logged in to my private facebook account this morning, i was so shocked with my profile interface. New facebook profile sucks! big time, really.

They don’t notify or gives us ability to choose to keep the old facebook profile, just changed without my consent.

What i like about Facebook is,  it has extremely lots of stuff to play around, like, add mp3 to facebook, getting developer facebook API key, use facebook mobile, and much more..

New facebook profile sucks — The difference, all messed up.

When the new twitter interface was updated, i started to use less Twitter, because i don’t like the new twitter version. (you can make money using twitter)

Same with Facebook, the new design is just terrible, it has big ads space. (related entry:how to add ad blocks 125×125 in wordpress).

Apparantly Mark from Facebook gives wider space for its advertisements.

The difference between the old and the new facebook profiles are:

1. The new interface is more confusing, it has so many stuff on the profile page.

2. In the new interface, the address of your home, address of your office, are all shown in the page, and not in the info’s tab. You have to change the privacy settings to avoid this to happen.

3. Photos are splashed all over the page.

4. The facebook advertising has wider space (the most annoying to me, and the main reason why i say new facebook profile sucks.)

5. The status feature is missing :( , so are the old features.

facebook new profile sucks

New facebook profile sucks — how to get the old one back.

If you think that the new facebook profile sucks, you can try this method to get your old facebook profile back. (with your own risk, i have tried it, it worked for me, but i don’t know if it will work for you).

how to get the old facebook profile back

1. Sign in to your account.

2. Go to “Account” tab on the top and select “Account Settings” in the drop down menu.

3. You will see the lists of the settings option in your account. Scroll down in the bottom, you will find, “Deactivate Account” and “deactivate” link button.

4. Click “Deactivate”.

5. Sign in to your account again about 15 minutes later, you will get the old facebook profile back.

The method above can get me back to my old profile, but i am not sure if it will be changed automatically again..

New facebook profile sucks, i wish they never did redesign it :(

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  1. wisnu says

    i really hate new facesucks interface.
    can anyone tell me other way to get it back, i tried all ways i found, and voilaa none of them works for me :(

    • says

      Hi Wisnu,

      I know that feeling, been there!

      Did you try my method above?

      Do not forget to login back after 15 minutes, this works for me.

      I still have the old one.

  2. Jenn says

    And it’s not private anymore either. Now it shows on your wall what you’ve wrote on others wall. I hate it!!! I don’t want everyone on my friends list knowing what I say to everyone else. This sure does help those that are snoopers. Thanks facebook. Another reason for me to hate you. Now add it so that stuff shows up on the iPhone app so I can delete it everytime I’m chatting on someones wall.

    • says

      Hi there Jenn,

      I hate it too, that’s why i switched back to the old one,

      I hope it won’t go back to the new profile automatically again.


    • says

      Hey Anil,

      I can only suggest you to contact Facebook, sorry to hear you lost your old profile though.

      My friend’s account has been hacked, and she contacted them, she got it back :-D

      Good luck!