New Facebook September 2011

Facebook September 2011 – September 21st New Facebook

I was actually on my Facebook account to upload some pictures of my kids and family to show them to all of my friends and also family.

I know uploading pictures to FB is sometimes a pain, because it runs very very slow.

But apart from that uploading images process, I was also really surprised by the new facebook september 2011 interface.

What I first saw, was “top stories” feed that are displaying wall or posts updates from my closest friends.

Then the next disappointment was I could not find any upload videos button.

Other than pictures that I wanted to upload, I have also prepare, edit, and compress one of mp4 file that contains a video of my daughter singing in her kindergarten.

She is new there, that’s why I could make a video and I thought it was very interesting to share.

New Facebook September 2011 – Another interface that I don’t really like

After a few days, being on and off on FB too often (daily!) I have decided that I don’t like the new Facebook interface.

Apart of the un-organized stories, from recent stories, and stuff, I find it to be rather confusing.

The only decent change of Facebook september 2011 I have found is that now my profile picture is showing in the nav bar next to home tab :)

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I do like some changes on a few stuff, but with FB, I seriously don’t know what is the use of the re-designed user interface? where is the Facebook video button now?

Facebook september 2011 – The improvements?

Though I found it to be annoying rather than helpful, I still hope there will be some improvements with this biggest social network site.

facebook september 2011
Top Stories, Recent Stories, and small profile avatar

Some people complains, yet I have not found someone who says she or he likes this new facebook sepetember 2011.

All of my friends that are on FB, also some people on forums, say the same, they say, new facebook sucks.

Heard about the timeline feature today, not sure if I will like it, however with the times go by, I hope I will get used to it, and will slowly like it.

Still, I wish I could get my old facebook back!

How about you, do you like the new Facebook september 2011 interface and updates?

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