Nofollow attribute to ads in your blog

Nofollow attribute to ads

Nofollow attribute to ads is something that most newbies in blogging do not know how to handle them or what to do to them.

First of all, of course to know the difference between nofollow and dofollow links, otherwise, you will not know when you have to put nofollow links in your article, post, pages, or even navigation.

Navigation of a blog is a part of your theme’s structure and layout, that some of them should be nofollowed, especially if you link that navigation to unimportant page or even redirect to another website or affiliate link.

If you visit a blog or a website, and you don’t check the page source (can require times!), or using Firefox SEO addon, you would not know where the webmaster putting nofollows link in their websites.

At the moment, I am using Firefox addon, which is called SEOquake addon which helps me alot to check dofollow and nofollow links in a website.

Why nofollow attribute to ads links?

I cannot remember when it happened sometime last year, but I have encountered “slight” traffic drop because I forgot to add nofollow atribute to ads link in one of my affiliate link.

I don’t know if you also have encountered this, but after I add nofollows to that links, it was back as normal again.

To me, putting nofollow attribute to ads links is like telling search engine, like Google bots not to follow that link, because it contains unnecessary content.

Especially when you redirect an affiliate link, definitelly it must be nofollowed.

Nofollow attribute to ads, be it text links, and images or banners

When you have a high page rank, and want to sell some links to other people, there are many alternatives how to do it.

There is a website which you can register your blog with its info, including page rank, alexa ranking, and many datas.

And then when someone want to put ads in your site, you will get notified.

These kind of links are usually already having nofollow attribute in their robots.txt files.

Google ads are also the good examples that we don’t need to worry about its attribute.

So it is already solved, and you will not need to worry about putting nofollow attribute to ads in your site.

The most important hyperlinks are the links that you put into your blog yourself.

It can be a review post, selling link in advertisement page, etc, these links you should put on nofollows yourself.

When we say affiliate ads, they can be in a text hyperlink, or also using an image as a banner.

I will give you an example of using text and banner below;

Text ad;

I recommend this SEO plugin to optimize your wordpress post.

If we look at the html code:

nofollow attribute to ads

Nofollow attribute to ads

and banner ad;

If we take a look at the html code:

nofollow attribute to ads

Nofollow with banner

So above are actually same ads but different formats, text and banner, but both are already nofollowed.

By putting nofollow attribute to ads, I am telling search engine bots not to follow those unimportant outgoing links.

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