NoFollow Links Are They Useless?

Nofollow links – what I thought about it

Nofollow links are often ignored. I did not care about nofollow links either a few months back.

There are so many times, when I checked my Google Analytics, and saw the referral sites where my traffic source is, come from many autoblogs or some websites that just copied my content without permission.

If I found out sites which copy my blog without permission or link back to my original post, I would try to sort it with the webmaster in a most friendly way. (related: if someone copy your blog content).

In those autoblogs (Related: best autoblog plugin), I noticed that sometimes they do give dofollow links, and some of them, give nofollow links.

When I checked, as long as they put my post URL in their blogs, I was thinking “OK, I don’t mind with it”. And when I saw the nofollow links, I was like, “Oh no,grrrrrrrr@no-follow-links”..

I did think nofollow links are so useless, that I did not care, nor lazy to spread my links (mostly commenting) in no-follow blogs.

Nofollow links — The very first step

Before we discuss about the important or probably how useless they are, it is necessary for us, to be able to detect those, and knowing whether they are do-follow or no-follow.

Some months ago, I have posted a post, titled, how to check dofollow or nofollow blog. In that post, I include a Firefox addon, called, SEOquake, and actually by using it, you can see the no-follow links are striped, without checking the source code.

I have checked this addon with Firefox 4, and it works perfectly. (related: bookmarks toolbar icons).

nofollow links

Additionally, I am sure, there are many addons which you can use to detect them, as I personally only use the SEOquake addon only, so I can’t recommend other addons.

By using the addon for Firefox users, or understanding the source code, we can actually check them easily and quickly.

NoFollow links — Are NoFollow links are really useless?

To me, they are not useless. Actually having do-follow backlinks are benefits for us, bloggers, but Google is smart, and if all of our backlinks are do-follow, wouldn’t you be suspicious if you were Google?

I think you would. After blogging for sometimes, and testing, checking my backlinks, and so forth, (still not making me a SEO expert) but I did notice that for some Search Engines, like Google and Yahoo, nofollow links are counted, and important.

This means, we should not ignore those no-follow blogs or backlinks because they make our dofollow links spreading efforts look natural in Seach Engine’s eyes (especially Google as the most important SE for traffic).

I know and you probably feel the same too, whenever we want to look for backlinks through blog commenting, we always look for commentluv enabled websites. Yes, that is a must in backlinking strategy, but commenting in no-follow blogs, especially the related topic websites are important.

Google is getting smarter these days, so the best is, just build your backlinks naturally and focus on your blog’s content, so you will get your traffic and PageRank automatically.

I don’t ignore nofollow links to be my backlinks, do you?

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