Nokia e63-2 unlocked [review]

Nokia e63-2 unlocked — Top unlocked Phone

After i listed Best Phone 2011 last weeks, i want to share this informations about Nokia e63-2 unlocked.

When Nokia e63-2 unlocked was out in the market this phone was built for consumers who want to run their private and business live in balance.

Nokia e63-2 unlocked has nicely designed QWERTY keyboard. Now, what is a QWERTY Keyboard? QWERTY keyboard is a standard Englisk computer keyboard layout.

nokia e63-2 unlocked

When you take a look at your keyboard right now (if it is English keyboard layout) your keyboard key will start with these letter Q W E R T Y. That’s what basically a QWERTY keyboard means. QWERTY keyboard is very handy when you want to use your phone to type email like in your PC.

Beside the good look and comfortable QWERTY keyboard Nokia e63-2 unlocked enables you to change from one mode to another mode easily. Just press one key, you can switch from viewing images mode to check your email or surf on the web.

Nokia e63-2 unlocked specs and features

Nokia e63-2 unlocked is delivered as unlocked phone, means when you receive it, out of the box is completely unlocked, no sim card, and you can use any GSM networks providers that you like. (it won’t work with Verizon wireless, sprint and Alltel).

It does not have T-Mobile or AT&T branding logos or its attribute, you have 100% access to your own phone’s settings, because it is unlocked- no phone providers restrictions.

Nokia e63-2 unlocked Specs and features:
1. QWERTY Keyboard.
2. It has Length, Width, and Height (Inches) : 59x113x13
3. Weight: 1.3 pounds.
4. LCD screen size: 2.4 inch 320×240 px resolution.
5. 110 MB space internal memory.
6. User friendly business and private email features, supports PDF and powerpoint files.
7. Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, Camera or Camcorder with 2 megapixel resolution.
8. FM Radio, built-in RealPlayer software to play your music and movies.
9. 11 hours approximentally talk time.
10. Handset, AC-8U charger, BP-4L battery, wired WH-102 headest, and users guides and other documents.
11. With Ovi Files, it enables you to manage or share your document and files that are stored on your computer, even when this computer is not on.

Nokia e63-2 unlocked bad and good customers reviews

Nokia e63-2 unlocked bad reviews:
1. It has noised result camera images, even when you take the picture outdoor.
2. It does not have Micro-USB cable.
3. It is known to have a slow connectivity and lacks a GPS.
4. Weaker vibration function.
5. Does not have a built-in threaded text messaging.

Nokia e63-2 unlocked good reviews:
1. Top QWERTY keyboard which is really comfortable to type with more less pressing wrong key cases.
2. Easy Wi-fi set up process, and good internet speed.
3. Long battery life.
4. More stable syncing with PC via Bluetooth – a complete PDA features.
5. Cheaper than Nokia E71, though it has lower camera resolution and does not have a built-in GPS, if we talk about Nokia E71 vs E63.
6. Great Music feature, with a good audio quality.

Nokia e63-2 is one of the affordable mobile phone out there.

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