Nokia n8 unlocked gsm touchscreen phone review with warranty

Nokia n8 unlocked gsm one of Nokia best smartphone

Each time Nokia launches new products, most of the time their products are exactly what their customers expect. (related: Nokia E63-2 review)

Who does not know Nokia? One of the most popular mobile phone manufacturer that always loved by its customers. From teenagers, entreprenuers and all kind of people know and use Nokia phones, including the great nokia n8 unlocked gsm. It is listed on one of the best phone 2011 top mobile phone.

nokia n8 unlocked gsmNokia n8 unlocked gsm connecting people anywhere with the new Symbian^3 OS (Operating System) to enable us to do more personalization without disturbing its performance.

The Symbian^3 OS new features that this nokia n8 unlocked gsm have are, it includes improved usability enhancements that feature single tap, as well as multi-touch and the functionality of pinch-to-zoom.

Another brilliant features that nokia n8 unlocked gsm brings to you, is the more effective apps management that enable you to run some applications in parallel with the new visual task manager which gives us ability to switch those apps with a single tap.

Nokia n8 unlocked gsm Touchscreen Phone U.S. Version with Warranty price, specs and features

Nokia n8 unlocked gsm price is $429.00.

Nokia n8 unlocked gsm specs and features

1. Unlocked, free of service provider’s contracts.
2. 3.5″ (640x360px) Screen display which has AMOLED touchscreen which comes with home screen customization ability to have up to 24 widgets.

3. It has 12 MP (Mega Pixel) Zeiss optics Camera including 720p video capture to capture pictures in good quality.

4. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0 are featured, including good storage internal memory which has 16 GB, if it is not enough for you, it can be easily expanded as microSD is built-in.

5. HDMI output enabling you to enjoy images or videos with a TV via HDMI cable.

6. Long battery life.

What you will get in the box: nokia n8 unlocked gsm, connectivity cable, HDMI adapter, rechargable battery, handset, USB adapter, stereo headset as well as user guides.

Possible colors to choose: Gray, silver, blue, orange, green.

Nokia n8 unlocked gsm Reviews

Basically if you are a person who look for a cool looking user interface, you can choose iPhone, but if you look for phone’s functionality, give Nokia n8 unlocked gsm a thought.

Bad reviews:

1. Not too good UI, iPhone and androids phones are better.
2. Widgets and apps limitations as iPhone has more games or applications than Nokia, but the technology runs very fast, the time will come, and N8 has more fast GPU.
3. The display screen should be more wide.
4. The lens of its camera should have a better protection.
5. Slow to open browser.
6. The body is known to be slippery, so using a case is a good idea.

Good reviews:
1. Although it needs 1-2 minutes for locating the satellite, it has an amazing free GPS which works really good.
2. Very useful UI because its quite fast for checking emails and facebook’s updates.
3. HDMI access, which you can use to watch your videos in the High Definition TV.
4. Great speaker.
5. Nearly best camera that built-in in a phone in the market.
6. Great built-in wi-fi for data management.
7. Long live battery.
8. Supports threading text.

In this website, you can read more Nokia n8 unlocked gsm customers reviews.

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    What you module get in the box: nokia n8 unlocked gsm, connectivity cablegram, HDMI musician, rechargable firing, telephone, USB device, stereo headset as asymptomatic as somebody guides.