Notepad++ alternative to edit big files for Windows

Notepad++ alternative to edit big files

This “Notepad++ alternative” post is written because when I wanted to move my blog’s webserver from a sharedhosting (I used JustHost) to a VPS. (related: move to vps experience)

The first thing to do was of course I wanted to exact copy this blog to my computer first, to see how it looks like and whether it would appear to be exact the same site as this blog now.

For changing the domain to to http://localhost/blogweb6 I had to edit the database files (in .SQL format). (related: Copy blog to a computer).

In the past, when I backed up this site, and restored it again, I needed only a few minutes editing the database file to replace the actual URL, because I did not have too many posts. (related: backup and restore wordpress)

I have used notepad++ all the time, and it worked like a charm without any serious problems, all went well.

In fact, this great text editor is the file editor that I also recommend apart of Firebug Firefox addon.

If you have seen my video tutorials, I always use this text editor for my tutorials, because it has been really great.

But now, recently, I have a lot of posts, and this makes my site file size or database size is huge and big.

As usual, I also wanted to use my favourite text editor so far, but this time, it did not work. So I looked around for a notepad++ alternative.

Notepad++ alternative – Why I need one

My problem before I use a notepad++ alternative was, it was freezed when I opened my database file.

Firstly, I clicked the find and replace feature, and then usually, it will automatically replaced all the URL I have typed in.

But it stopped working, and eventhough I have waited for a few minutes, because I thought it still worked, but had to wait for a while.

After a few minutes waiting, I decided that I really needed another text editor because my database file was just too big.

Since I am using Windows, and not mac, this text editor is for Windows. Not sure if you can also use it on Mac, but I guess not.

I have personally never tried SciTE on a mac, therefore I guess it won’t work, but still you can read on SciTE homepage.

Best Notepad++ alternative I have found

Since the day I wanted to edit my big SQL document, and I did not succeed, I then tried WordPad.

It is a program of Windows PC, and it did work well, however to me, the speed while replacing the text or word was a tad slow, so I decided on trying another notepad++ programs, which is SciTE.

notepad++ alternative

SciTE's interface

You can download SciTE as a Notepad++ alternative here.

SciTE is a great text editor which I found the only one which can edit big file (in my case was my wordpress database backup) in a few seconds.

The user interface is not much different than Notepad++, in fact if I did not take a look at the application icon, I would not see any major differences.

If you want a really good notepad++ alternative, I would suggest you to try SciTE text editor.

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