Notify Me of Followup Comments Via Email- Plugin

Have you installed Subscribe to comments plugin in your WordPress blog?

One of many advantages of having a WordPress blog is that you can encourage conversation in your blog through comments.

Especially if your blog is a dofollow blog.

Check my post about what do follow blogs are, and how to detect a dofollow or a nofollow blog.

However do not abuse a dofollow blog with your links. You won’t like it if others do the same thing to yours.

You probably notice, whenever you post a comment in my blog, you will get notification if the comment of a specific post has a new reply or new comment.

What the plugin will bring to your comment template.

The notification’s message will have these messages in your email inbox, basically, it allows you to unsubscribe easily too.

There is a new comment on the post "Post Title".
The URl of the post.
Sell all comments on this post here:
To manage your subscriptions or to block all notifications from this site, click the link below.

Very handy plugin indeed. So this plugin is called Subscribe To Comments.

The little problem is some people would find the notification annoying, because they only want to be notified ONLY when people reply to THEIR comments. I have posted the solution of this, here.

It is below my submit button of the comment template. If you want to subscribe the comments, you can tick it.

And you will receive the new comments of my post.

To install the plugin, simply type in “subscribe to comment” in Appearance → Plugins → New.

This plugin is created by Mark Jaquith. Once it is installed, you can activate it, and modify as you like. I choose the default settings.

I hope this comment plugin can be useful for you too :D

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  1. Usi says

    Yes I know about this plugin already and have installed it on my blog also, and I like it very much.

    it can also help you in getting some traffic, SO, I am happy with it.

  2. says

    Hey Kimi,
    Although I agree that this is a really good plugin to get back some visitors it sometimes annoys me because it sends me not only the replies to my comment, but all the comments that are submitted after mine.
    Your post will be really useful for someone who doesn’t know what plugins this is!
    Have a nice day(night?)

    • says

      Hey Alex, I understand what you meant :D

      This plugin is called Subscribe to comment, it means whenever there are new comments, you are notified.

      If you feel annoyed, you can unsubscribe via link in your inbox.

      I will have a nice night :) and i hope you are too, thanks for visiting and commenting!

  3. Patrick says

    Hi Kimi

    I agree that this is a very useful plug-in. WordPress is great in that you can make it do anything you want with plug-ins.

    Thank you for telling me about this plug-in. I will download and use it soon.

    Take care.

    • says

      Thanks for comenting Patrick, please use your own name and not a business or blog name to comment.

      I would rather having a person’s name than a blog name to reply comment :)

      Thanks for leaving a comment!