Novo 7 Paladin : Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet

I purchased this Novo 7 paladin tablet for my 6 years old son, because he wants to experience touch screen, and he loves to use my iPad 2.

So I did not want to spend hundreds of dollars (got the cheapest here) for something that will or will not be used or will be dropped or broke, so after taking a look at some tablets, I made a decision on this tablet.

And, the other reason is I want to try an Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) based tablet, let’s face it ICS is new, and you probably want to experience how this new operating system runs an Android tablet.

Novo 7 Paladin : What is in the Box

Inside the box,  you will get the white colored Ainol tablet PC, a USB charger, a USB cable, and one earphone. The tablet itself looks great, and it does have similar weight and size to Amazon’s Kindle Fire, so very portable, and not heavy for my son’s small hands.

novo 7 paladin

This Novo 7 paladin tablet PC worked at the moment I switched it on, and I could easily get a good wifi connection from my home’s internet wireless router, and then it was also quickly downloading and installing content and apps from the Android apps market.

I could get some games, and a few apps that supports some files like word, excel and pdf documents (I know my son wouldn’t need it but I just checked them out to see if they work on it) they were quickly installed and operating immediately.

I also managed to get and install a 2 GB micro-sd card which contained his musics that I transferred from my laptop, and the tablet play these musics without problem.

It has built-in microphone and 0.5 w speakers , which is surprisingly very loud when the music is on, or while playing some movies.

The battery life is decent, approximately 2- 2.5 hours with wifi on and continuesly gaming, you can turn off the wifi with one tap on your home screen to preserve the battery though.

Until now my son used this device with a very close supervision and he has been pleased with the concept of touch screen device, and also dragging things around very nicely.

Novo 7 Paladin Pros and Cons

These are my overall pros and cons:

1. This is an Android 4 device, very new operating system, so there are a lot of apps which are not compatible.
2. No bluetooth, no camera, no GPS included. No Flash, but this isn’t the tablet’s fault, it’s the Ice Cream Sandwich OS; which is still developing, I hope the update will fix this.

1. Price of course. Affordable, and can get an Android ICS tablet.
2. Very very simple to use.
3. Full access to Android market
4. You can use it immediately out of the box
5. Perfect device for tablet newbies and kids.

While a budget tablet like this Novo 7 paladin will not stand up to a competition with all the 500+ tablet types, it really is a great deal. Things are all operating as it needs to and right after quick screen’s calibration it has been up and functioning.

novo 7 paladin

My son has never ever used Android devices before however this tablet is very easy to use.

To sum up this Novo 7 paladin is absolutely perfect for a child or teen to play with music, games, videos, and internet, however if you are looking for a lot more performance I would suggest to get a tablet which is higher rated like Le Pan 2 or others.

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