Optimise article or blog post for SEO

Optimise article can be used to earn cash.

Optimise article in a wordpress blog post is a great way to promote your business, for you, if you are a business person, lawyer, company’s marketer, or for us, bloggers, including me, a blog is a extremely great way to earn money online.

Yes, i do earn money online with this blog, notice i am using premium SEO theme, SEO plugin, autoblog plugin, and also game arcade plugin for wordpress.

Those stuff i bought not from my own pocket but from money that i made from this blog.

Though i did not believe making money online is real, now i really do, since i experience it myself..This is one of the result that i did optimise article in this blog.

Earning cash is connected with the method to optimise article blog post, because if your blog post is optimised for SEO, then people will easily find it.

If you are a business person, that post is of course related to your product and also service.

Easy to understand, write a post, none find that post, you lose your chance to sell your product and service.

Remember, people use Search Engine first, to look for information about the product or service they are seeking.

Optimise article is an easy task if you use wordpress blog.

I don’t intend to promote wordpress as i am not affiliate with them, or anything, but it based on my experience so far.

See how blogger vs wordpress which one is better post will explain this more further. There are less people using blogspot and more people using wordpress.

It is very easy to optimise article or your blog post if you are using wordpress. How? Use their SEO plugins.

If you want to know how i add meta tags to wordpress post in this blog, check out my video how to configure All in One SEO pack plugin, both for your blog home page, and blog posts.

In the video i use free SEO plugin for my post. Recently i found terribly this useful SEO plugin which is premium, but 2000000% worth it.

See how this plugin can really optimise article and your post inside the dashboard.

My traffic of this blog is 85% from Google. Click this link to see one of my post dominated Google in the first list at the moment using this SEO plugin to optimise article of the post.

optimise article

Imagine if you get that traffic that land to your product page that you are trying to sell, 1300++ visitors a day is a huge chance to sell some units.

Without this SEO plugin you can’t optimise article so easy and effective inside your dashboard.

Optimise article basic tips you should apply whenever you create an article or post.

1. Use proper h1, h2, h3 tags in your article, see this video how this heading tags are very important to optimise article and post.

2. Keywords are italised, bold,underlined. This seems to be easy, but if you do it too much, you are spamming Search Engines. Result, you probably will be banned.

This my own experience, checking webmaster tool is very important, at least once a week, because if there is a duplicated content, it will remind you. Check my post about submitting sitemap xml to Google webmaster tool.

Google did not ban my blog because of duplicating meta tags, but my blog post which has this duplicated meta tags was disappeared from Google.

To check if your keywords replacement (can be done by decreasing or increasing keyword density) is correct for SEO, check this video how to check how correct your way to optimise article in your blog.

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