Optimize Your WordPress Images

Use great free online tool to optimize your images before you upload them and insert them to your wordpress post.

If you care about loading speed of your blog or website, it means you also care about your visitors.

Not to forget it will give you benefit, more spare space in your webserver for images or other things to upload.

Our blog visitors can be from a country where their internet speed is not too fast enough to download images and other content of our sites.

One of many ways to do site-performance optimization is optimize your images, can be in jpeg, gif files, etc, with Smush it tool from Yahoo! Developer Network. What it will do is resizing the size of these images.

Steps to use smush.it:

1.Prepare the images you want to upload and insert to your wordpress post.

2.Go to; http://www.smushit.com/ysmush.it/

3. Click “Uploader” tab.

Uploader button.

4. Choose your images that you want to compress, you can upload more than one, use your shift key.

5. It will begin to be size-reduced.

6. Once it is finished, it will show you how many bytes or kb and precentages you save.

Your images size will be reduced.

7. Click the “Download” to download the smushed images back to your computer, and you can use them for your wordpress posts. Don’t forget to trash the original images.

Tips: Clicking the “keep directory structure in zip file” can be useful if you want to compress images from a folder.

Darn simple :)

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