Orkut New Features

Orkut has changed some features and it has really cool features that can’t be ignored.

When i logged in to my orkut login a few days ago, i noticed there is a button said “Older Version”, and i was of course curious what it is. Orkut has new features such as apps! This applications is almost similar like in facebook. Once you are in your profile page, you can search any applications you like, like games, emoticons, musics, horoscope. These are a few example of new features of Orkut, applications.

you can switch to older version of Orkut.

Here are really cool new features from Orkut that I really like:

1. It is obviously much more faster than older version.

2. Drop down options, “Friend suggestions by Orkut” or “Friend updates” that you can close and expand whenever you like.

3. If you want to post something, it is much easier now, on the top there is a box where you can type your topic and just click “post”.

4. Friends box which you can scroll to search some of your friends

Really cool, want to know what has changed in Orkut? check more here.

I am very sure Orkut is one of my favorite social media. What is yours?


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