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Page Speed Online from Google

It is different than the addon.

I have been using Google labs for a while, and some of the features, I found very useful for bloggers or webmasters.

It feels like yesterday, I have posted that W3 Total Cache plugin works well for me as a plugin to increase my wordpress blog’s speed.

Why I mentioned, “works well for me” in above sentence, because there are actually many cache plugins, that are available, and are all good, but it is depending on your webhosting and blog configuration itself, mainly because of the plugins you are currently using, or even theme.

Apart from using wordpress plugin, there are many tools and sites available online to check your blog’s speed.

There are sites where you can just type in your blog’s URL, and will show you the result.

But I have so long used Firefox addon called, PageSpeed addon, and I really love it. I can see score of my site as well.

However, I have noticed some addons are no longer working when newer Firefox are updated. Plus, having too many addons on my browser will be likely having too many plugins in my blog, will decrease my browser’s performance.

Recently, there is a solution which is offered by Google labs, which is called Page Speed Online, to use without the addon.

It is basically like those sites which provides you an ability to check your site speed online.

Page Speed Online – Got 96/100

I have just checked this blog with this tool now, in Page Speed Online Google labs, and here is the screenshot.

page speed online

Score of this blog in Page Speed Online Google

It is nice to have 96 scores out of 100. 4 points more and I will get 100, but will I do it? Not really.

After you checked your site by inputting your URL in the site box, you will see many details what you can to improve your site’s speed.

There are high priority, medium priority, low priority and lastly, “Rules without suggestion” details.

When you click the link in the left sidebar, in this screenshot I clicked, “Specify a Vary: Accept-Encoding header” link, I will see all of them are external javascript from Google adsense. (related: Adsense makes blog loading slower?)

In this part, I really can’t do anything, since that script is not belong to my blog’s files. The only way to eliminate it is to disable AdSense which of course I don’t want.

page speed online

The external JS

Page Speed Online – Check your site if you have a time

Do you use internet explorer browser? or probably other browsers which don’t have addons or the alternatives to check your site loading speed?

I am sure some of us are not really aware of the site speed importance in Search Engine Optimization (read, getting Google traffic).

This only means the faster your site is, the happier your visitors will be. I immediately closed my browser if I had to wait a site to load for quite long time, I bet others do the same too.

Now, that the Page Speed Online from Google labs, can be reached and used by anyone with any browsers installed, we don’t have any excuses not to check our site’s speed.

I have just bookmarked the Page Speed Online page that is provided by Google in my browser so that I can just use it whenever I need it.

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