PageRank Minor Update Today

Pagerank minor update happens in this blog, and sadly it is now dropping from PR3 to PR2.

Although, I personally do not think that PR is all I want but I am quite disappointed.

I have checked many websites or blogs too, some has the same PR same also have some drops, they vary from one to another, PR4 to PR0, PR4 to PR4 or there are some who gets PR improved, from PR1 to PR4.

What is going on with this PageRank minor update?

Will Google update their algo again? none knows.

A few months ago, I have posted an article that it was pagerank major update, my PR4 dropped to PR3, but it seems there is another pagerank minor update today.

I have changed some things in this blog, one of them is removing Google analytics code, because I felt that GA (Google Analytics is too complicated to me, I did not checked regularly, and I wanted to test my site’s performance, with its speed and ranking in Search Engine Result Page for a few months, I might add it later on again). Related: where to paste google analytics code.

Apart of removing that code, I don’t have time to do backlinking, stopping bookmarking, dofollow blog commenting, or being active in the forums.

This is because I am very busy with my children, as the youngest is going to Kindergarten at the moment, since a few days ago, and I am busy staying with her, until I can leave her and then back to blogging.

Only two things I have changed a bit in this blog, plus removing some ads in my sidebar, that’s all.

PageRank Minor Update – Lower PR does not affect SERP at least for now!

Strangely, with getting lower PR, earning is increasing, so is my AdSense revenue.

pagerank minor update

But I guess, the biggest factor which is missing is, because I don’t do any backlinkings activities anymore, but none 100% knows for sure.

We shall see what it will happen. It can be changed or updated anytime soon without anyone knows how it will happen.

Do you notice some pagerank minor update today?

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