Pagerank n a in some addons

PageRank n a in this blog

Since a few days, everyone or every webmasters (bloggers) including myself have noticed some weird thing happen, which is pagerank n a is shown in all websites.

It started a few days ago (I am not sure what day) but usually, when I opened up a website, my Firefox SEO addons shows pagerank of a website in the very right corner of my web browser, which is Mozilla Firefox the current or latest version.

At first, I was shocked to see pagerank n a or no pagerank in this blog. I mean, I would not really mind to get dropped PR from 2 to 0 because I don’t have so much time to build links in the past months.

But if I would get PR 2 to n/a, I would question “why” and wondered what I have done.

After noticing this PR n/a in this blog’s home page, then I checked on and other websites (mostly the respectable sites with PR5 up), they are no exceptions, all showing the same thing.

I then went to webmaster forums if anyone of the members discuss about it, but they didn’t notice it, only a few hours later everyone started to notice it.

Google PageRank n a is unexpected!

To me personally, I haven’t cared so much about Google’s PR, although there are definitely nice advantages if we have higher rank.

pagerank n a
Pagerank:unranked in my addon for this blog's home page

However because PR can be bought or manipulated easily, most PR updates are not going to affect our page’s position in Search Engine Result pages.

In my previous post, how I got PR0 to PR4, I actually wrote that I have noticed, when my PR was at 4, Google bots crawled my pages really faster than when I am on PR2 (right now, when this post is written).

A lot of webmasters still wait curiously when their page’s PR is updated, and definitely this mass n/a PR is unexpected for a lot of people.

Pagerank n a is shown in addons, check somewhere else

Although I guess Google has updated a few things that we all do not know, you still can check your PR in other website instead of waiting for your addons to show them.

My own experience since the first day I have noticed this matter happened, I went to this site checking the page rank to be sure, that day, it did not work.

Until just now, I have done the same thing, checking it again, and it shows as usual.

This blog’s main page (home page) is still in PR2, while sitemap.xml is on PR3 (related: pagerank mystery).

pagerank n a
PR still shows on pagerank's checker site

If you want to check, you can use this page rank checker to see whether your page rank still remains the same as the last time you have checked, or probably raised and even drop.

None knows when this masses pagerank n a will end.

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