Panasonic ZS9 Review – Panasonic DMC-ZS9 14.1MP Digital Camera with New Specs

Panasonic ZS9 vs ZS8

The Panasonic ZS9 (TZ18 in Europe) is a great compact digital camera.

After a few weeks playing with it, it’s quite fair to say, this camera blows most of compact cameras out of the water with its price (got it at 104 bucks).

Of course, there is no such a perfect device, and this Panasonic DMC-ZS9 14.1MP Digital Camera with 16x Optical Zoom and 21x Intelligent Zoom Function (Black) is no exception.

And even if you are willing to spend more to get “better” premium cameras, in my opinion, you will find no better compact camera better than this one, though there may be a situation that they are built for different purposes and qualities.

Speaking about the difference between Panasonic ZS8 and ZS9, they are almost the same cameras, except this Panasonic DMC-ZS9 has a new stereo camera’s microphone and sold at a cheaper price.

Panasonic ZS9 Specs and Features

To begin with, let start with the con, the high noise with the higher ISO images, which is not really disappointing, because I knew, it is not an SLR.

This problem is very understandable on a compact camera, because of its smaller image sensor. So if you really need a camera with a lower noise at higher ISO, I suggest you to get a dSLR, because most of pocket compact cameras have this similar problem.

For the pros then, first, appearance wise, constructing on the good predecessor, the Panasonic ZS8, this new Panasonic ZS9‘s key specs are 16x fantastic optical zoom, 14 MP MOS better censor, one of the best Leica lens, supporting HD movies, control with LCD screen, an updated better GPS and it came with metal body and tripod amount which are focused on the bottom part of the camera.

panasonic zs9

Also, it is definitely worth discussing the top class 16x optical zoom, which a fantastic range on a compact digital camera (equal to 24-384 mm for a 35 mm digital camera, you won’t find it often with other compacts). This will give you serious photo coverage with the zoom and the 24 mm wide-angle is perfect for landscape mode. (the lower of number the wide-angle lens, the better result you will get, and 24 mm is the lowest).

By using the intelligent zoom which is extendable, my image’s deterioration with this zoom is barely visible, of course this will not be able to compared with a dSLR camera, but I needed a more portable camera and not bulkier (dSLRs are bulky and cost more).

One of key specifications which is worth discussing is the 3 inch LCD display, that features a quite impressive 230K dots high resolution.

Pictures which are displayed on the display look really good, combined having an anti-reflection cover they keep looking great even if you are outdoor in bright sunlight.

For anyone who are a little bit more productive, the panasonic ZS9 includes “P” (program mode), “A” (Aperture Priority), “S” (Shutter Speed Priority), and “M” (Manual Exposure) control modes.

panasonic zs9

They are really nice features of a compact camera that give the users more flexibilities and help us to use the camera in an optimal level.

For instance with the “A” Apperture Priority mode, and a zoom setting can give my a kind of blurry effect on an image’s background, which is usually an effect that a premium dSLR camera provides.

However leaving the setting on the default will still give me photos with 98% high quality.

Panasonic ZS9 Review Summary

All in all then, this camera is my fantastic purchase, worth the price. I would really have difficulties to find a better pocket camera out there for the price (100 bucks!).

My pros outweigh the con with the noise, as this Panasonic ZS9 is a compact, not a dSLR so it will not give you dSLR quality photos, but for this you don’t have to spend thousands dollars and having bulkier dSLR camera when you are on the go.

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