Pandigital Android Review |Pandigital Android 2 GB 9-Inch Multimedia Tablet and Color eReader (Black) R90L200

Pandigital Android Review – Tablet and black eReader

While having actually owned Android mobile phones from the time when they first were released in the US, I have been a really admirer of Android devices and it is a good progress to the free software world development.

I would never actually been too keen of purchasing a tablet device since already having a smartphone, notebook as well as desktop PC, I never thought I would need to have one.

I have been working with iPad in the office for quite a while and also a top quality Android tablet the Asus Transformer.

I admit those devices are extremely fun and they can do the job wonderfully but they are still not a product that I think I want.

Then I found this Pandigital Android tablet, and seeing the good specifications, and it also has a good price so I thought I would get one. (got it at $99.99)

pandigital android

Pandigital Android Tablet & eReader

I actually just want to find out about how it is if I compare it to those expensive competitions and also to generally enjoy and playing around with this tablet, what I love is when I have to install and test different firmwares on it.

I have to admit I am truly happy with this Pandigital Android tablet, what is so impressing is the built-in Barnes and Noble app, since it is really easy to use, and it really works nicely as e-reader device.

Pandigital Android tablet features

This Pandigital Android tablet is working with Amazon Kindle app, I thought why should I purchase a Kindle if this tablet does the exact same pretty damn good for at a much lower money, AND you can also do other things with this device besides using the unit as an Amazon Kindle.

It comes with 9 inch LCD touch screen which I personally think it has pretty good resolution, 800×480 and the color is superior to other tablets at this price range.

There are also some pre-installed games that comes with this Android tablet, but you can also find massive selection of games and apps from the app store.

Some of the apps cannot be downloaded from the Android market, but you will be able to try from Amazon app store, and most of them work amazingly, sound quality is just brilliant, even if it was plugged into my hifi system and speakers.

Even though this Pandigital Android comes with a small internal memory (at 2GB), you will find a little slot to expand additional memory or storage.

Furthermore, this black multimedia tablet as well as ereader is a perfect portable device to play video, it is really great when you lie down on your couch and you can enjoy YouTube videos or reading an ebook and surfing websites.

The battery life surprisingly lasting quite long, when none uses it, it will not consume anything, and it will shut its wifi automatically off (in a sleeping mode).

pandigital android

Used horizontally.

Pandigital Android Review – Summary

Although I’d personally never want to use it to do heavy computing, however, for reading email, surfing internet, reading books, and stuff like that, this unit is really a real delight.

A lot better than I believed it would be. It even included quite a few books.

pandigital android

Lastly I will say, if you are considering this product, do not expect to have an iPad, and do not expect it to replace your home desktop.

Under a fifth of the iPad’s price, this Pandigital Android tablet does what I want with ease.

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