Photoshop CS5 New Features

Adobe Photoshop CS5 has been released. The release date was somewhere last month, April 2010. You can download it for free trial in adobe website.

Don’t forget to check the system requirements, here are the quick lists:
1. From XP SP3
2. To install it you must have 1GB HD space

1. Mac OS X from version 10.5.7
3. 2GB space to install.
More info read here.
A quick photoshop cs5 reviews and new features;
1.Better Selection tool.
With the new selection tool, you can select object much easier.
2. Refine edge.
The new tool that will fix old problems with edges, it will help to clean up edges.
3. Content Aware Fill.
This is a new feature of photoshop cs5 which is really impressive, and i guess everyone’s favorite.
4. Puppet Wrap new tool
This tool reminds me of bone tool in flash, if you are familiar with flash. It is now can be used inside photoshop!
5. HDR Pro.
You can edit your photos and images very quick and it will give you excellent result.

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