Playbook Dual Core Review | 64GB PlayBook Dual Core 1GHz Tablet Blackberry

Playbook Dual Core Review – 64GB PlayBook Dual Core 1GHz Tablet

I was actually on the edge where I consider to purchase Playbook dual core or not.

My husband has an iPad and an iPhone, so he can share its apps, and so forth. And I’ve always had Blackberry device, so I really was interested when this Playbook dual core was released.

At first, I was of course iffy as to how good it’d perform, and if I could actually share my OS 6.0+ phone. I also thought that the apps is less that Apple or Android’s.

So I ordered Playbook dual core (64GB PlayBook Dual Core 1GHz Tablet) for $699.00 here together with its screen protector, and since it arrived, it has been my best constant companion.

playbook dual core
BlackBerry 64GB PlayBook Dual Core 1GHz Tablet.

This unit is definitely well designed and built, it is really sturdy, and what I like, it does not have odd sounds while I am holding or even pressing against it. It is really nice to have it in your hands, because its height is less than an inch, and it is really sleek, it fits nicely anywhere, a small or bigger pocket or even bag.

It has two intregated High resolution cameras, back and front which I can use to take great pictures, or HD video. (I have tried iPad 2’s camera, I got blurry pictures, and this tablet made better pictures quality).

By using the Video Chat app, that was released about last month, you can now do video conference which is like in iPad’s FaceTime camera.

Typing in this unit is great, you can either hold it horizontally and vertically, and both work comfortable. When I held it vertically, I have its keyboard more accessible because I could type with my two fingers.

And when I held it horizontally, it offers me a nice keyboard’s size which I can use to type without any issues, typing in this device is like typing on the same exact ways with typing on any BlackBerry devices.

When I used this unit for the first time, I was immediately amazed by the touch-screen which is really super responsive, and its speedy 1GHZ Cortex A9 dual core processor made great performance, for instance I could easily switch through screens without any lag. I was browsing on the Internet and switched a lot between my browser and Facebook app.

Playbook Dual Core vs iPad 2

Where it really beats iPad 2 is its superior screen, supports full HD videos, HDMI port, support flash and HTML5, the browser experience is much better than iPad 2.

With its 7-inch screen the Blackberry 64GB PlayBook Dual Core 1GHz Tablet is more portable than iPad. If you want to carry around your tablet, the portability is more important.

Playbook Dual Core Review – 64GB PlayBook Dual Core 1GHz Tablet Specs and Features


  1. Color: Black
  2. 1 GHz Dual-Core Cortex A9 Processor
  3. 1GB of RAM
  4. 64GB storage
  5. Operating System: BlackBerry OS
  6. 7-inch LCD VSVGA multi-touch capacitive display (with 1024 x 600 px resolution)
  7. 3MP HD Forward-Facing camera
  8. 5MP HD Rear-Facing Camera
  9. built-in micro-USB connector
  10. Micro-HDMI socket
  11. DLNA media streaming
  12. Connectivity: WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth
  13. Dimension: 7.62 x 5.11 x 0.38 inches
  14. Weight: 2.5 pounds
  15. Features: Supports Adoble Flash latest version, built-in HTML5 browser compatibility, Onscreen keyboard, Stereo sound, supports media playback (as well as creation and video calling), 1080p HD video

What can Playbook Dual Core do?

With RIM’s 64GB PlayBook dual core 1GHz tablet you can easily access your Playbook dual core without wires as long as you are connected to your wifi network. (This is very helpful if you want to load some files to your playbook).

I also tried YouTube app, and view flash contents as well, and they all perform well. The 64GB PlayBook Dual Core 1GHz Tablet comes with a 7-inch a LCD multi-touch capacitive screen (same as iPad 2) and I could play an HD video on a projector via its HDMI port, it looked fantastic, I have to give RIM credits for this 64GB PlayBook Dual Core 1GHz Tablet!

Another thing that I like from this product is you will have pre-installed Ms Word, PowerPoint, and of course excell, they perform very well, a more of a decent productivity tool.

My most favorite feature is the BlackBerry Bridge because it allows me accessing my phone, and sync my stuff, it is an incredible feature, and free.

Playbook Dual Core Review – Summary

All in all, this 64GB PlayBook Dual Core 1GHz Tablet is a fantastic tablet and also a great productivity tool, it will sync your phone perfectly, and very easy to use. Especially if you are a Blackberry user, then this unit is definitely for you.

The Playbook is a fantastic productivity tool! It syncs perfectly with my BB phone and it is really easy to use. Like the iPad it has a great media player, app store, music store, reader, etc.

RIM’s 64GB PlayBook Dual Core 1GHz Tablet is definitely a real winner.

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