Playstation move sharpshooter review and release date

Playstation move sharpshooter — designed to make action!

Playstation move sharpshooter (or PS move sharpshooter people often call it) packes a feature which is the motion and navigation controller to enable you experiencing the “real” game by using the controller intuitively.

The product from a well-known electronic producers, will be loved by gamers who love to play shooter games. Its design, and reliable designs, as well as the precision guarantee gamers to have more engaging experience on their gaming actions.

The physical appearance comes with really simply, and handy buttons, as well as the digital trigger, and not to forget the shoulder stock which is easy to modify and adjust. It will then really gives you ability to use the navigation controller conveniently.

playstation move sharpshooter

playstation move sharpshooter.

Furthermore, playstation move sharpshooter included a firing mode selector, the pump action grip, also the switch to reload and refill to make your virtual games come into “reality.

This cool gadget is just right for Playstation move users, they are mostly the one who really wish for “realistic actions” experience on their games.

Playstation move sharpshooter — what games can work with it?

Now, as a gamers or playstation freaks, you might ask your self, what kind of games can you actually use this controller?

The playstation move sharpshooter was actually intended to work with games, for example, KillZone 3 exclussively.

Although, of course, it will work well together in Razing storm, and everyone is looking forward to it, as well as alot of more next games that can work with this cool stuff too.

The playstation move sharpshooter vs other guns? what makes it special that will stand above the other controllers?

Since there are tons of third party of the guns available on the market with about similar price range, you may want to know what is special about this controller?

The big different is definitely the feature which is called Digital trigger. Because the rest of the gun attachments that are available so far, don’t include a digital trigger.

In addition to digital trigger, the other difference you will wind, is the digital square button to reload, the triangle button to switch the weapons, as well as the navigation feature which has the “X” sign and circle, and the rest of controllers do not feature those buttons, so we can say, you will nearly have no chance to play games to the fullest with the other controllers.

playstation move sharpshooter

Playstation move sharpshooter release date

The playstation move sharpshooter release date is February 22, 2011.

This is about a week to wait, but if you can’t wait for it, there are many alternatives, the cool PS3 Move Battle Rifle is another option for you to use, apart of waiting this gun attachment.

The rifle itself is an ideal gun on PS3 games, not only comfortable grip, it has the control that’s easy to adjust, as well as compatible with PS2 Move Motion Controller.

I bet gamers just can’t wait to try this playstation move sharpshooter in action.

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