Plexon Superpad II Review |Plexon Superpad 2|Plexon™ – Superpad™ II – 10.2″ Tablet PC – 4GB HD – 512MB Ram – Google Android 2.2 OS – 3.1 Mega Pixel Camera – GPS – HDMI – USB – WiFi – MicroSD slot – RJ45

Plexon Superpad II Review – Overview

I got this Plexon Superpad II in my mail a few weeks ago, and overall, I am happy with this tablet.

I purchased this tablet because I did not want to spend $500 for an iPad 2.

I was like a small boy who was waiting for his new toy each day to arrivee in the mail, and finally after a few days, I received it.

When I unboxed it, and when I had it in my hands for the first time, I was really impressed with how this Plexon Superpad II felt.

Then I did next after unboxing is to plug this device in, and wait for a while for charging, and finally get this tablet going.

plexon superpad
Plexon Superpad II

The start up was simple without any problems, and it brought me directly to the home screen after I turned it on the first time.

Then I had a chance to test everything out, firstly how responsive this Plexon Superpad II is.

This tablet responds quite well but it would be much better if you use fingernail or a stylus (this device comes with digital pen in the package). About the responsiveness, I need to point out that I actually get my money’s worth.

Why is this Plexon superpad II is better in a few things than iPad 2?

It has MicroSD card slow that allows you expanding the memory, for about $50 you can get a 32GB.

Also it includes HDMI socket and USB ports to connect your tablet to HDTV and transfer your files to an external flash drive or to use a USB keyboad.

iPad 2 doesn’t support USB unless you buy another adapter for about $30.

My fantastic experience with this tablet was setting up the wifi. I needed around two minutes to get wifi going and start working on my Plexon Superpad II (Plexon™ – Superpad™ II – 10.2″ Tablet PC – 4GB HD – 512MB Ram – Google Android 2.2 OS – 3.1 Mega Pixel Camera – GPS – HDMI – USB – WiFi – MicroSD slot – RJ45).

If you get this thing, don’t forget to upgrade the firmware first, you will be able to download more apps as well as games, also the system seemed to be faster since I have upgraded it.

Since it runs on Android 2.2 Operating System, I knew that not every apps or games are compatible with this tablet. But it is not an issue for me, since Android devices are growing quick each day.

Furthermore, you can convert this tablet as an e-book reader as well, with Kindle app. I love the brightness option to adjust and modify if I read in the dark, it is a big plus if you love to read before bed time.

Plexon Superpad II Review – Specs


  1. 512MB DDR2 SDRAM Memory
  2. 4GB Hard Drive (expandable to 32GB with its Micro SD Card)
  3. 10.2″ TFT Touch-Screen LCD display (with 16:9 Aspect Ratio)
  4. Wireless 802.11g at 54Mbps connectivity
  5. 2x MicroSD card slot
  6. 2x USB
  7. 1x RJ45 for wireless Ethernet connection
  8. 1x HDMI port
  9. Another features: Touch-screen, an audio jack, GPS (has to be download), digital pen, video player, gaming, internet surfing

Plexon Superpad II Review – Conclusion

Now is the conclusion after a few weeks using this Plexon Superpad II, I am actually very happy with it. Nearly everything works very well, and my small gripe is that it has only 512MB RAM, but what do you expect for a tablet with under $200 price range?

In the end, considering its price and all those stuff that I can do while I am on my couch or any places in my house, I have to say, Plexon Superpad II is a good value.

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  1. cidco71 says

    Do you know if it does flash and shockwave for live streaming voice video chat software such as paltalk skype yahoo and msn messengers? Also you say GPS has to be downloaded, the gps device is built in you just need the software correct?