Plugin to Modify Twenty Eleven Theme

Before starting to write this post, I felt that the whole video tutorials which I have created were useless :-(

However I definitely want to share and recommend this plugin to anyone who uses Twenty Eleven theme or the child theme.

My best recommendation is still creating a child theme to use this plugin to modify Twenty Eleven style or other features.

What is the plugin?

The plugin is called Twenty Eleven Theme Extension, the plugin to modify Twenty Eleven theme.

plugin to modify twenty eleven
Plugin to modify Twenty Eleven or the child theme

I haven’t look in depth about the author, but I have checked what it can do, and I find it is a pretty cool plugin if you want to modify Twenty Eleven or the child theme.

Yes, this plugin will not only work with the parent theme, TwentyEleven, but it will still work even if you use the child theme.

If you don’t use this default theme, it won’t work.

Video about this plugin to modify Twenty Eleven theme


plugin to modify twenty eleven color
The Options
plugin to modify twenty eleven color
The Color Options

If you watch the video and see the screenshots above, actually, it helps a lot to not only modify the style, like colors, but it will be able to even add a sidebar on post and pages in your blog.

As I wrote in my older post, adding sidebars on posts tutorial, by default this theme won’t allow you adding widgets, because it doesn’t have a sidebar on your post pages.

Other than adding sidebar, this plugin will also give you an option to change your header heights in pixel, without adding any codes in functions.php file.

For more option, this plugin even gave you options to change post page background and many other useful colors modification which are frequently asked.

In the video, I just gave a quick review about the plugin, which in fact the plugin itself, has more options to play with.

My recommendation, install a wordpress blog offline, if necessary, import your online to blog to your local blog, and install this plugin to modify Twenty Eleven theme to see whether you like it.

One thing here I have to say before I stop this post, is if you want to restore the default color, you can click “default color” link under each color options you have in color options. I forgot to mention it in my video :-)

I personally love this plugin.

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  1. says

    wow…you have enabled lots of options by this plugin. I’ll check this with twenty eleven theme. I am already using another theme

  2. says

    Thanks for the info. I’ve installed the plugin already before I got here but made few changes once I read your post.

    Changing the color of themes is great but what about the form, is there a way to have a simple form like the other wordpress theme?

    Any suggestion will help.

  3. says

    What I mean is the comment form. Sorry for the confusion. I’m just too eager to ask that my hands are too slow for my enthusiasm.