Post Format WordPress 3.1 | Standard, Aside, Gallery Video Tutorial

Post Format wordpress 3.1 — New Feature!

Post format wordpress 3.1, the new feature of the latest version of wordpress, this February 2011. After I installed wordpress 3.1, I found a new tab next to my post box, which is labeled “Format”, which has three options, standard, aside and gallery.

I was surprised, because in the beta version, I did not really pay big attention, except of the admin top bar in front end, like in free blogs, the new admin interface color, and also the better filter of the posts itself, the linking features, as well as the page numbering in the admin page or dashboard.

If you have not found this post format wordpress 3.1 tab, do not be afraid and do not think you have failed on wordpress 3.1 upgrade.

If you don’t have this post format wordpress 3.1 tab, it means your theme does not support this yet. Because you will need to add a code in your functions.php file, or in Thesis, custom_functions.php file, also need to tweak some files for the “aside” option, however if you use Twenty Ten theme, this tab should be there.

In this post, I will not add any codes to functions.php, because I am using Twenty Ten on the demo video. I might add another tutorial if you use other theme than Twenty Ten, please feel free to subscribe..

post format wordpress 3.1
The Format Post tab.

Post Format wordpress 3.1 — Resources, and How to use them

The post format wordpress 3.1 official resources, you can find it here in this official wordpress codex website.

As I mentioned above, you will have standard, aside, and gallery. In the video tutorial below, I will show you how we can use them using Twenty Ten theme, it will not work in other themes, unless you add this code in functions.php file:
Note: Backup your functions.php file, in case it shows error, upload your saved old functions.php back via cPanel or FTP, video tutorial, how to fix this parse error thing.

I will give extra tutorial on this, but not today…

When you read in wordpress codex website, actually, for now, we will discuss only about aside, and gallery, the rest, I will explain next time together with adding the code tutorial.

Aside functions, is actually putting your post without title, this is why it is stated to be a similar like facebook. This is a cool feature if we can tweak our files, such as sidebar..

The gallery option is my favorite, because it is amazing. By adding gallery shortcode which was already available long time ago, you will be able to have a gallery page, in the post, and complete with previous and next pictures, as well as the dimension, and image details.

Post Format wordpress 3.1 Video Tutorial



1. Standard.

We create a normal post, which is called “standard” means like usual post, nothing changed.

post format wordpress 3.1
Standard post format.

2. Aside.

If we create an aside post using post format wordpress 3.1, you will not see the title in the home page.

post format wordpress 3.1
Aside Format, without title.

3. Gallery.

By putting [gallery] shortcode in one of your post, and then upload some images, you will see gallery in your post. When you click one of the image, it will bring you to the one image with its details, such as size, and the file name.

post format wordpress 3.1
Gallery Format, having images as Gallery.

I hope this post format wordpress 3.1 explaination can help a bit, I did not understand it either!

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  1. says

    A great post! I used the trick to enable it on my blog as well, but the asides doesn’t work (as in without a title) so I have to look into the theme and see why it doesn’t work.. :) Anyway, thanks.