Post.php wp-admin WordPress 3.1.1 error

Post.php Wp-admin error wordpress 3.1.1 – After upgrade

I was very happy to be able to upgrade my wordpress blog (this blog) to wordpress 3.1.1 version. Because wordpress 3.1 has admin slow problem which I expect in this version will be a bit faster.

I guess not different than non-savvy bloggers who use wordpress, I am always a bit worried to update my blog. I am somehow afraid something does not work well.

Of course, you can always backup your database and then restore your blog again if something worst happens, but we all want to avoid another extra work after updating.

So I did do the backup thing, and after the upgrade process worked well, I then checked all of my posts URL, category, tags, pages, as well as redirection. (related: www or non www wordpress).

All of those are ok, so It was nice. However when I wanted to post an article today, I could not publish, because I had wp-admin post.php 404 error not found issue.

I checked another option, which is saving permalinks (I thought it was the cause) but the result was the same, 404 error not found!

I will tell you how it was fixed, below..

Wp-Admin post.php error is not caused by wordpress!

I love wordpress, but the risk to have some errors on updating is sometimes haunting me. Therefore when I have something goes wrong in my blog, I can only think, what can cause it? my plugins? themes? htaccess file? or my host?

Surely in this wp-admin post.php error I was thinking the same. The very first thing I have done, was, disabling all of my plugins one by one, and it was frustating. (see my best blog plugins).

I mean, I honestly hate it, when I have to disable all of them, one by one, and then trying again, to see if I get a good result. If the result goes well, then it is fine, but if it does not, it wastes my time, and require patience..

After I disabled all plugins, and it still did not work as usual, I switched my Thesis theme to the default, Twenty Ten. (related: add logo twenty ten).

I was thinking of contacting my host, and in the worst situation, restoring my blog with manual re-install wordpress plugin, but it will need about 30 minutes to get all done, so if I can, I try to avoid this step.

My other option was googling my problem..

Wp-Admin post.php WordPress 3.1.1 error fix

After I had no choices at all, after disabling plugins and themes, I googled my issue. Google is our friend, and it is indeed great!

I landed on this website which have the same wp-admin post.php problem, just like mine.


After reading the article, then I tried my other blogs which are hosted in HostGator and VPS account, they are working all fine with wordpress 3.1.1. So the problem was JustHost, they have to turn of the ModSecurity thing to our domains.

Just login to your cPanel and submit a ticket, ask to turn off the ModSecurity on your domains which are hosted in your JustHost account. Including subdomains if you have.

Thanks God, I did not re-install my blog and restore it again. The solution was very easy as the website above says, contact JustHost. (related: justhost vs hostgator).

Result, less than 30 minutes, it was all back to normal. My wp-admin post.php error was fixed perfectly.

Now I am thinking to wait for a few days or weeks before hitting “update” button to upgrade my wordpress blog..

Well, at least, my host fixed the wordpress 3.1.1 404 error not found wp-admin post.php thing, Thanks so much to JustHost!

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