Post Slug in WordPress – For Long Title

Post slug in WordPress is a feature that often ignored

I am sure there are a lot of bloggers (especially newbies) who don’t know about how important the post slug in wordpress post.

This nice feature of wordpress is actually often ignored because you cannot make “fatal” mistakes if you don’t customize it.

It is set by default, and mostly are already the best but of course, this feature is once again, customizable as you wish, and to some people, modify them is a must-do before you actually click your “publish” button.

The most case is when you write a post, you pick a post title, and you just type in the title box. (related: writing post title in wordpress for SEO, a tip to always use your keyword in your post titles).

We often don’t care about the length of our post titles, and because it will be automatically set in the slugs, these long titles will result very long URL too.

Example of Post Slug in WordPress

Once you type your titles for each of your articles, it will be converted to standard titles.

I don’t know if you have ever noticed, but you can check next time when you write an article, whenever you type capital letters for your titles, the slugs will automatically set to lower case letters, and the other character, such as “|” or “-” or even spaces will be converted to dashes.

This is an example,

Whenever I write this, “write a post – how good is my post?” → This will set to: “”

Notice that the question mark at the end, will not be included.

Let’s take an example of the “long titles” case, let’s say, we want to publish this article which is titled,

“How to plant a rose in your garden from step A to Z in your country”

This example above is actually not too long but it can still can be shorted.

What is the advantages of the shortened post slug?

There are actually two main reasons why you should shortened those titles;

First, the more short your titles, the better or the easier people or your readers will remember it.

Second, which is for most people (including myself, honestly) is very good for search engines, like Google and others.

This is because when people search for special keywords, and those words are actually in your post titles, but if they are too long and not shortened, they will be simply hidden.

When you use All in ONE SEO pack plugin or All in One SEO alternative wordpress SEO plugin, you will even be notified that your titles should be around 60-70 characters, more than that, they will be hidden.

Because of this, it is the best to keep your keywords shown in search engines result pages, so people will visit your page.

Editing Post Slug in WordPress

Let’s start with this post to get a more clear explanation.

This is the screenshot of this post;

post slug

The "edit" and "get shortlink" after you click "draft" button

As displayed in the screenshot, you see the “edit” button and “get shortlink” button.

Now, if you want to make this title shorter, you can easily click “edit” button to see the URL, and then start to modify them, either delete some short words, such as “are”, “is” etc, as they are ignored words by Google, or add some keywords.

post slug

You can delete some ignored "words" by Search Engines.

To save changes, click “OK” and also, you can click “Cancel” button if you don’t wish to make any changes.

Post slug in WordPress is often ignored, by it can make big advantages for your blog or website’s traffic.

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