Post Title in WordPress Blog for SEO

Post Title in a blog – is it important?

This is the most forgotten SEO factor when we want to have a good post title that we will need to have either before or after writing articles.

The perfect post title will be the words that are very interesting when people read it, that makes them want to click it, but at the same time, it should be keyword rich too, so your readers can be targeted.

So generally, the content has to be interesting, so is the post title.

Because I have also wrote how to create “good blog title or name” last year, I need to mention, that blog title/name/description is totally different than your post title.

What I want to say here is, that blog name or title represents your whole website, and the post title represents each article that you write and publish in your blog.

(I am talking about wordpress blog in this post).

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How to optimize Post Title – examples

In the beginning of my blogging journey, I have always used short titles, for instance I want to write a topic where I want to write about twenty ten theme (using “twenty ten” as a keyword), so I used for example,

It is a good one, but it can be better. It would be better if I use a long tail keyword.

A long tail keyword is a keyword phrase that is a bit longer than my “main” keyword.

In this example, I would want to put, example, This is a better one, when we want to compare it to the shorter ones above.

post title
The longer the keyword phrase the more relevant post title to your article.

One important tip that I always do, before I publish my post, I have this SEO plugin to check how far my keywords placed both in title and content, without counting them manually, which saves my time.

Post Title in WordPress Blog – Optimization tips

Apart of using plugin to save time, surely, there are many online websites that you can use as resources when you want to search for keywords, and then use those words or phrases to be your post title, after you are sure about the competition, and so on.

And lately, since Google has its Google instant, I personally use it for most of my post titles.

Another trick would be, using exact search from keywords that have high searches monthly, I am using Google keywords tools for this.

And the most important from my personal experience, making the title captivating is very crucial to make people clicking your post.

Some people have some this “|” character to rank for multiple keywords. I don’t do it often, so I cannot say how is the result if we implement this tip.

Using this | can be seen in many websites titles, for instance, I want to rank for wordpress tutorial and wordpress getting started keywords, I can do this:

wordpress tutorial | wordpress getting started.

Do you have some specific tools or tricks to write your post title?

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