Powered by yahoo answers wordpress blog footer

Powered by yahoo answers in a wordpress blog’s footer

If you are browsing on the web and land on a webpage with has contents and a footer text which says, “powered by yahoo answers wordpress”, that means that site uses wp-robot autoblog plugin to pull or copy Yahoo Answers’s content to the websites.

In other words, that is an autoblog. Generally speaking autoblog does not need to have all of its content automated, because people can tweak the content itself.

I do own my autoblog, which is my top 10 antivirus website, but i too find alots of sites which has this powered by yahoo answers text on their footers.

Autoblogs can really be useful to update your main page(see my autoblog niches tips post),  if you visit my demo above, you will see, that you will first land on my sales page, which contains only lists of antivirus products which can earn me some money, because when a visitor comes, click that product and buy, i will get the comission…

Powered by yahoo answers two different ways to do in a blog

When you see a blog which has this powered by yahoo answers words in the bottom of the page, then it means the site is using wp robot plugin, but if you see a website that people are asking and answerings questions like in YA (Yahoo Answers) website, then the site is not using wp robot, but using another script or using wp answers question plugin.

The purpose of building these websites differs from using wp robot plugin and wp answers question plugin. Wp robot is to copy YA contents, and the wp answer question plugin is to build a site to be like Yahoo Answers.

Powered by Yahoo Answers setting in Wp-Robot plugin

Because i personally have never used wp answer question plugin, so i don’t know about the setting. But i guess it does not have any settings to display powered by yahoo answers text, since it is used to build any sites that has nothing to do with YA’s website.

In wp robot plugin settings, by default this option is not ticked, means powered by yahoo answers wording will not be displayed if you don’t set it.

To have powered by yahoo answers text displayed in your footer, it is very easy, here are the steps:

1. In your wordpress dashboard’s page, of course you have to sign in as an Admin, otherwise you would not see the settings.

2. Go to Wp Robot3 tab.

3. Then click on “Options” link, under “Create Campaign” and “Campaign” links.

4. You will see so many options to configure on this page, but we will not do it today, the most important is, scroll down, until you see “Yahoo Answer Options”. (see following image).

In the text which says “Add “Powered by Yahoo! Answers” text to footer?”, tick the “Yes” box.

powered by yahoo answers

From now on, your footer will display this text.

I personally do not want to display the text, because my site is not fully filled with YA contents.

But that’s how exactly works if you see a wordpress blog with powered by yahoo answers text in footer.

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  1. Rafiqul Islam says

    You know I have to know about Autoblogging clearly. I read few article but I couldn’t get them totally and still confused with this term. Will you please teach me? If it’s beneficial for blogging then I need it.

    • says


      I am not expert on autoblogging either, i am still new, and have 5 mo autoblogs, some work well, some doesn’t.

      Still experimenting, once i know how it works, i will share, but of course if you have any question, feel free to ask :)