PR4 to PR3 Google updating PageRank June 2011

PR4 to PR3 PageRank Drops

This month, in the last weeks Google has updating PageRank of many websites pages (mine drops from PR4 to PR3), I guess everyone who has the toolbar has noticed it.

The weird thing was, there was a minor update, and then a few weeks later, there was a big update.

In the minor update, I have not seen any changed in this blog, but in the big update, I was a bit surprised but not really disappointed, because in my post, Google PageRank update 2011, how I get from PR0 to PR4, I already guessed that PageRank can drop anytime, and that’s happening right now.

This blog has a PR drop from PR4 to PR3, and is dropped from PR4 to PR2, very significant.

Am I disappointed to get this PR4 to PR3 drop?

Not really, I am only a little bit disappointed but not too bad. If only dropping to 0, then I would think what I have done wrong.

When I was having PR4, it did not change anything, except all of my post updates were very very quick indexed by Google.

And now, while this blog is at PR3, I notice there is no change at the indexing speed whenever I publish my new articles and posts.

Some people would take advantage of selling links if we have high PageRank.

But I just don’t sell links while I was at PageRank 4, so I did not have any major benefits or advantage of having a quiet decent PageRank.

Another point is, I have notices some “not so decent” quality blogs have high PR, which really shows, backlinks are still very important for Google’s algorithm..

What can cause this PR4 to PR3 drop?

There are many things or changes that I have made in this blog, so I can’t be sure which one that might be the cause.

But since the previous update I have done followings:

1. Quitting commentluv enabled blogs commenting for a while.

pr4 to pr3
This blog is now at PR3.

I used to comment in about at least 5 blogs a day before I got PagerRank4.

But then, I did not have so much time anymore to comments, since where I live is summer, and there are a lot more to do in summer, especially if you have kids and family, rather than doing “online” activities.

Commenting in a commentluv enabled sites, can increase your backlinks, how to do it effectively? see this commentluv backlinks post.

2. I moved my hosting to another server.

I always recommend JustHost as a shared webhosting if you just want to start a blog and on a limited budget, but once your blog grows, a shared hosting can’t handle anymore, we need a bigger server.

I moved to VPS about a two or three months ago, and it may affect the PageRank, since I also find some small issues in the last months.

Actually those two major big things that I have noticed may the cause, however, I am not quite sure..

But as long as the traffic is not dropping, I don’t think too much about having dropped PagerRank from PR4 to Pr3.

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  1. Ikenna says

    Thanks for sharing this.
    I just found this post on google while trying to understand the benefit of increase in PR. My main blog went from 1 to 3 and I was wondering if there is some way I can take advantage of the increase (No! I’m not thinking of selling links).
    I think I’ll just keep updating my blog with fresh contents. I’m also planning on moving the blog from blogger (with custom domain) to wordpress. Do you think this will have any negative effect?

  2. says


    In order to gain good pagerank you have to avoid adding poor quality contents and avoid keyword stuffing. These are all considered spamming activities, that is why google is updating your pagerank.