Quick Look of Twenty Twelve Theme WordPress

Twenty Twelve quick look: today, I have managed check the development version of WordPress 3.4, and applied it on my local wordpress blog on Lion OS Mac.

If you also happen to be curious about what will be coming in the next WP version like myself, you will probably also be exciting about Twenty Twelve theme, which is known as the new default theme of the coming WP version.

In the video I have mentioned, that I am not quite sure if the team will include three of the themes, Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven and Twenty Twelve in the themes folder.

For this, I guess we should wait for the WordPress 3.4 release date.

My First Impression of Twenty Twelve Theme WordPress

Once I saw the screenshot in the themes folder inside my dashboard before the theme is not yet activated, I could already see that the theme is very clean and light.

twenty twelve

Twenty Twelve Theme

I for one, really like simple and clean theme over a heavy and full graphics theme. (again, at this point, really depends on personal taste).

Like the older themes, Twenty Ten, and Twenty Eleven, the default theme has white background, a home page and a “sample page” which was always “About” page.

The font of the theme is actually my favorite feature, which is using “”Open Sans” font.

It’s a refreshing font in a WP theme, because it’s totally different than the older templates fonts.

I really love the font! I guess I want to apply it in this blog :-)

A Short Video Review of the Coming Twenty Twelve Theme WordPress

In the video I installed a development version 3.4 alpha -19998 with MAMP server on Mac Lion OS. If you are currently using Lion OS, you can follow this video to install a wp website or blog.

Here is the short video that I have created yesterday:


Some Features of Twenty Twelve Theme WordPress

If you are now using Twenty Eleven theme at the moment, you can take a quick look in your “appearance” tab in your admin page, and you will see really a lot of theme options.

Although this Twenty Twelve theme isn’t 100% done, the current options are not as much as the Twenty Eleven theme.

There are main options, which are widgets, menus, background, and header.

These main options can be easily customized by the user, just like a premium theme or older default themes.

I have done some quick review of these options in the video above, starting from the widgets, menus, until the header.

As mentioned, the theme is probably slightly different than in the development versions, but in this beta version, the theme has only “main sidebar” which I find cleaner.

twenty twelve

Twenty Twelve Look

Although, I hope the “footer” sidebar will be still included when the real version is released.

1. Widgets

There is nothing fancy or complicated to discuss here, using the widgets isn’t too difficult, therefore I didn’t go in depth about widgets in the video too.

Some posts, which might be interesting to see are following;

Using Widgets in WordPress
Twenty Eleven sidebar widgets

2. Menus

Same like the Widgets, “Menus” in the coming version won’t be too different.

Some posts and videos from my old posts about this “Menus”.

Change your home page (make a welcome page or others, basically it won’t show “blog” posts in the index page).
Create a drop down menu
Change the wording “Home” to something else
Change menu background menu in Twenty Ten
Change menu background menu in Twenty Eleven

3. Background

Same like menus, and widgets, you will have the ability to change color, or upload image to be your blog’s background.
4. Header

When this post is written, once you activate the “Twenty Twelve” theme, it will show a clean theme without background.

At this point, there is difference between the two older theme’s header and this new coming theme.

While the older two have the header images activated, this one does not show header by default.

If you would like to display an image to your header area, you will have to upload image.

The ability to randomize the header images remain the same, as well as the ability to display or hide site’s title and description.

Note: This can be different once the WP 3.4 is released with the final version of the Twenty Twelve default theme as well.

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