Rank Fast in Google For a New Blog?

After building a blog or website, most webmasters want to get a lot of traffic fast.

It’s understandable, I want to the same thing too, traffic is the key, especially when you don’t have to pay any cents for it. Especially after Google Panda nowadays, people would pay a lot too to get traffic for their product website or promotion.

If you own a blog, you probably received some emails offering Search Engine Optimization too. These emails are mostly claimed to be from a SEO company or experts that will sell their services to get your site rank very high in Search Engines, especially Google.
Some people will take the offer right away, some people will think and consider it a few times again, since the price is mostly expensive.

Can a new website really rank fast?

Yes, it can, but..read further (yes, there is a “but”). I am not a SEO expert, but I have build many sites and test them with different SEO methods to find out which method actually works for now.

As I just said, a new website can rank high very fast, BUT in the right SEO rule, everything needs its time and a lot of time and work. Even if a site can rank very high in Search Engines fast, it won’t probably stay this way.

If one day, your site falls from page 1 to page 9, you shouldn’t ask, “why”, your site is new! If your site is new, you should add more contents, and make people link your site in their websites too. And if you want it to be naturally, obviously it needs a while. Of course, at this point, you can pay these sites to give you links, but will it stay long? I guess not, it’s just matters of time that Google will find it out.

rank fast new blog

The key is make your content helpful for your visitors, and encourage them to link back to your post or articles, it’s the best method if you want to build a long run authority site. It needs a lot of patience but this is the right SEO method.

But you still have options, do you want to build a site which gets fast traffic and fast buried? Or do you want build an authority site which will stay long? But then again, with Google panda around?î

Never give up

Even for me, it’s hard not to give up. I tried to believe that my blog (this blog) will get its ranking and its traffic as it used to, but we will never know.

The weird thing is since Panda update, the traffic went up and down even without changing anything. Sometimes up to where it was, sometimes down and very low amount of traffic. This is followed with other sites I test.

Some sites get double amount of its usual traffic, even I did grey hat until black hat method to test. Writing a good content is no doubt will win in the long run, even it seems it doesn’t work nowadays.

Especially if you have a lot competitors, one copies each other’s method, and this will also change the traffic wave. If you spend some of your time in SEO forums or webmaster forums, read many opinions and take actions, the key is “testing”.

Don’t just follow someone’s advice, but test it yourself, see which one still works right now while you create steady original helpful contents in your site. Google changes its algo often, and SEO is also changed often.

Hire a SEO company?

Trust me, I’ve done it, to get a new site to rank fast, and I wish I didn’t, they are expensive, and the result is just temporary. My suggestion is save your money to outsource GOOD content instead, and test yourself.

Once you find which method works, you can then hire people, but control whom you hire. It can be disaster, since it’s very hard nowadays to find reliable person. None can guarantee your site to rank high in a long run, otherwise this person will build his sites himself.

None knows what the next Google algo updates will be, so just write contents that people need, and build steady consistent links from various sources.
Share your experience with nowadays blog SEO ;-)

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  1. says

    Thanks KIMI for such a superb explanation. Really i scared to hire SEO company for my blog as you know i havent much idea about SEO and all :)
    I want your simple suggestion which one will be better HIRE SEO or Trying myself?

    • says

      Ok, I finally could see your site, it looks awesome, looks great Amit :)

      I would try myself and if you have budget, surely you can try SEO companies :)


  2. says

    I really agree with this point “Never give up”. SEO is quite boring and takes time but If you start a blog with SEO friendly content from your first post than you will surely see Good results very soon.

    And after that, Panda, Penguin or any other animal would not be able to effect your website traffic. :)

    I too wrote a blog post in my blog on How to get top ranking in Google search results.

    Anyhow thanks kimi!

  3. says

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