Reasons to use thesis theme, why i changed my theme to Thesis

Reasons to use thesis theme — I finally changed my blog’s theme to thesis.

Two days ago, if you are my regular visitor (Thanks for this!) you will notice that i switched my old theme, which was Neoclassical theme (free version of Thesis, i would say)..

There are so many reasons to use thesis for my blog actually, but i feel really the difference about the cleaness of this blog before and after using Thesis theme.

Cleaness of the layout is one important of many reasons to use Thesis for me.

My old theme was modified Neoclassical theme, which was really great, SEO optimized, and free.

Neoclassical theme is also really clean by default, but i modified to match my niche. However, since i put so many ads in this blog, the old theme’s cleaness was gone.

Small spaces for content with alot of adverts, people starts to complain, and give the honest feedback which i really appreciate and also become part of my reasons to use thesis theme.

My old theme’s screenshot:

reasons to use thesis theme

My old layout...

My reasons to use Thesis theme, switch from old theme to Thesis.

1. Cleaner layout.

As i said earlier, and you probably notice, the content has more space of the width, and it means alot. I have more wider sidebar with 125×125 ad block widgets, and this is what i love the most.

You know, those wider content, two sidebar columns, changing sidebar’s width, one small and one bigger, all can be done by clicking one button, Thesis theme, design option.

2. Thesis has XHTML strict doctype.

I have posted how to correct the target=”_blank” attribute error if you use XHTML strict, because of my eperience validating thesis.

I believe that having XHTML strict is better than transitional for Search Engine bots because it forces the browser to render the site a way stricter.

It simply refers to more accessable content by using XTML strict.

3. Thesis is the best SEO wordpress theme.

Yes, all the nofollow links, such as admin links, tags in the post, title which is not clickable, and nofollow on search page are many proofs that Thesis is SEO optimized.

4. How you can modify Thesis easily.

This i refers to the css style, example, the colors, background menu, hover color, drop down. If you want to modify those with Thesis, you can just tick some boxes and your menu color will be done.

However for changing some php files, you need to know more about PHP. The good thing is, Thesis has a cool support forum, complete with some tutorial links.

5. My blog looks more cool.

I don’t deny that i like to use cool stuff, and simple and almost all bloggers know, Thesis is just cool.

I hope you like my theme, and i am happy i did all the theme switching a few days ago.

My small tips if you want to switch your theme.

This story comes to my nice beautiful blogger friend, Aileen, which contacted me and asked, how we can actually copy our online blog to computer a few months ago.

Because i wanted to know how too, i made a video tutorial on copy online wordpress blog to computer post.

I did apply this tutorial to see and play around with the layout of Thesis offline (i installed wordpress locally) and after all done, i apply it on this blog online.

So the result, almost 98% switching theme was perfect, without disturbing my visitors.

That was my top 5 reasons to use thesis theme in this wordpress tutorial blog.

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