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Recommended webhosting for wordpress based on my own experience

Recommended webhosting for wordpress is different from one person to another, it really depends on what you really need, and how many blogs you want to have.

As we know we can set up multiple blogs in one server, but there is a limitation which depends on what package your webhosting contract is.

For instance, there are many package you might want to consider, which can be shared hosting, VPS, or even dedicated server.

We are not going to talk VPS or dedicated server in details for now in this recommended webhosting for wordpress post, because this post is aimed for beginners or when you want to set up a wordpress blog.

Recommended webhosting for wordpress — researches are very important!

As written in this recommended webhosting for wordpress post’s heading paragraph, I am today going to write anything based on my experience.

There is no third party that made me writing this post review, but do not believe my words 100% because webhosting providers have many IPs based on where you live.

So if a webhost is fast for me, it does not really mean it would be fast in your place too, do some researches and then decide.

Perhaps, I am crazy, but because I am so curious, I nearly try any of webhosts that are “good” reviewed.

For example, I have tried HostGator that is most popular in blogging world. Though this blog is hosted in JustHost, I am using HostGator for my other blogs and some of my clients.

I chose HostGator because I did researches too, however, if I have to choose between JustHost and HostGator, I will stay in JustHost. (related: JustHost vs HostGator review).

Recommended webhosting for wordpress — my one year blogging hosting experience

After one year blogging, with about 3000 new visitors a day on this blog, I am sometimes afraid my host can’t handle it.

I wish I could pay for VPS account at the day one I started my blog, so I don’t have to think about moving this blog to another account of mine in a VPS hosting.

But based on this experience, I learnt something which is really important, if you want to set up a blog, and you will want to have multiple blogs with high traffic (related: Increase organic traffic) plus, you have the budget, about $20 until $50 a month, choose a VPS hosting or dedicated server.

recommended webhosting for wordpress

This way, in one year, if you apply my SEO tips 2011 you will receive traffic perhaps better than this blog, then you don’t have to worry about moving host like I do now.

Also, you have to remember, that, a VPS hosting interface is completely different than a cPanel shared hosting, because a VPS, you create yourself a cPanel.

The simplest will be to get a shared hosting if you “start” wordpress and with limited budget, or you don’t want to pay for a VPS. The problem of this is, if your blogs grow bigger with its content’s site and visitors.

Then, you might want to know, which recommended webhosting for wordpress you should choose? definitely, if you look for reviews on the forums (never look reviews on a website, because they can be faked), they will all say, HostGator. (Related: best blog host)

But personally I would go for JustHost, because it is a lot a lot cheaper and you got one free domain name for a lifetime. In HostGator, your domain name will cost about $11. Unless you buy domain name somewhere else (related: reserve a domain name without hosting) and you transfer the DNS to HostGator, but if you want to start a blog, you would have no idea how to transfer a domain, and might want to consider something more simple, like in JustHost, sign up a webhost with a free domain name included.

JustHost itself is really good so far, in my experience with this blog, and they are about 3x cheaper than HostGator.

My recommended webhosting for wordpress is a VPS if you have budget, but if you just start, and want something with the cost you can pay, I would go for JustHost, but check out both of them before you decide.

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