Recording on iPhone with an App

Recording on iPhone 3G

This post is using an iPhone 3G since I am still using this model.

It all begins because my 3 years old daughter loves to sing and I like to record with my iPhone. In the old days about several years ago, when smartphone did not exist yet, it was very easy to record a voice or any audios with built-in feature of a phone.

I am not sure if you use the iPhone 4 or 4S version, but if you use the 3G, you can consider the QuickVoice, a recording iPhone app. This app is my best recording app that I could find, and I use it until today. (related: select text on iPhone)

What I really like using this app is because it is very user friendly (easy to use), and the app seems to be often updated. I have even thought this app is more frequently updated than other apps that I have on my mobile phone.

Here is the screenshot of the app:

recording app iphone

QuickVoice, recording app

recording on iphone

Some features of this app;

  1. Record any sound and voices
  2. Save them into its own library
  3. Edit the titles of the recorded content when you need it
  4. Play your audio files anytime, because you can choose the files selection from its library
  5. Email the file as an audio file (as it is recorded)
  6. Email the file as a ringtone

Once the recording process is finished, you can see the song or audio file list in its library.

Despite of so many features that you can tweak and play with, this app can be downloaded without any cost in App store.

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