Recover From Google Panda Update?

Who Want To Recover From Google Panda Update

For anyone who is active in webmaster world, Google Panda last october is unforgettable. A lot of bloggers are affected, unsure what to do next in order to recover from Google Panda update.

As usual, this biggest search engine will not reveal what kind of websites or blogs they are aiming, although most SEO experts always recommend, continuing writing our own unique and high quality readable articles is the only way to save our blogs from the Panda update.

Although the reality says different. I have checked some website which rank in the first page of google, a few of them don’t even have readable content.

Still, I am very curious how to recover from Google Panda update.

Recover From Google Panda – Quick?

However I am pretty darn confidence that as long as we don’t do some “Blackhats” method, and always take care of visitors trending, bounce rate, updating sites, and using proper keywords, as well as build natural backlinks, and very important, patient, we will be able to recover.

In case you are in doubt whether your blog is pandalized or not, you may want to check your traffic stats from February, and then October and if you noticed some massive drops between those months, then your site is likely a Panda’s victim.

Oddly, the Panda does not really happen with other search engines, like Bing, or Yahoo. (related: submit blog to yahoo, get your blog indexed by bing)

Those smaller search engine seem to generate quite constant traffic, you may notice it too.

I have personally found that Bing and Yahoo really slow on indexing this blog, which I guess because of the .org extension, and in subdomain, and with other blogs that have .com domain extension, they are indexing faster.

recover from google panda

Everyone knows that recover from Google Panda update can’t be done in a quick way, there will be long process, ups and down.

People who claimed themselves as SEO experts are no exceptions, they still try finding out what we can do to get recovered.

Recover From Google Panda Update – My Opinion

In my opinion, when we have confidence to our sites, we should not be scared when the next algo updates comes, because we know our sites well, and because of this, sooner or later we will get our ranking back.

None is responsible for our dropped rankings or dropped traffic, none can help us to recover from Google Panda except of ourselves.

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