Remove A Program and All Files

After the previous tutorial about installing a program or an app in Mac (especially Lion OS X) a few days ago, now time to write about how to uninstall them if you, in case one day don’t want them anymore?

On a PC, I personally use Revo Uninstaller program to delete a program completely, which means including the shortcut icons, as well as the registries from your computer.

In the beginning, I was also thinking and questioning myself, “is there any apps that I can use to remove an app in Mac like Revo?”

Then I have tried some of them, but in fact, uninstalling an app in Mac is pretty simple, and even if you don’t use any “Revo” alike app, you will uninstall them completely.

There will be some very very small files reside, but they can be removed very easily with an app. (I use AppTrap)

To Remove a Program and All Files with and Without an App

1. Go to Finder icon, and click it.

2. You should see “Applications” folder.

3. See on the list, and look for the app you want to uninstall.

4. With the app selected (the app should be selected! important) drag it and drop to the trash.

Basically done, but there are still very small file reside in your computer, and if you want to remove it completely, you can use an app, mine is called, AppTrap.

5. If you use AppTrap, you will see this notification, which asks whether you want to to move all related files too.

Choose, “Leave Files” or “Move Files”.


uninstall program mac app

And done :-)

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