Remove “Just Another WordPress Site”

How to change, remove the default site description, “Just another wordpress site” or “Just another wordpress blog” of wordpress older version. These texts are usually next to blog’s title in your header.

This tutorial is going to help you if you want to change or even remove default site’s description that displayed next to your blog’s title by hiding it with css code.

I strongly recommend that it should not be deleted.

Site or blog’s description is very important to explain what your blog is about in search engines result page.

If you are using twentyten theme of wordpress 3, this site description can be a little bit annoying because it shows your blog’s description in the top right of your header.

So here are the tutorials how to change that site description and hide it from your header.

This default site tagline we will change or hide.

How to change “Just another wordpress site” (this will apply if you use

1. Login to your dashboard. yourblog/wp-admin.

2. Look for Settings and then “General”.

3. Then you will see, General settings page, and tagline. Type in what is your blog about, put some keywords in it.

The description that you can change instead of having "Just another wordpress site".

4. Click “save changes”

The video about this tutorial will take until 37 seconds.

Now if you want to hide that “Just another wordpress site” or your custom site description, get rid of it by following these steps:

1. In the dashboard, go to Appearance and then Editor.
2. Look for style.css

style.css file is the red highlighted.

3. Copy the code and paste it in notepad++
4. Go to line 349 and add this code:
See image.

The code after to hide the tagline of your blog.

5. Paste those codes back in.
6. Click “update files”.

Video tutorial:

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  1. says

    Hi Kimi,

    Great tutorial, I just installed the new WordPress 3.01 on my new blog and while watching this, I noticed the editor you were using to edit your css files. May I ask what it is and where I can get it. I usually have a hard time formatting them once I’ve pasted them back.


  2. Delores McQuigg says

    All the forums close without resolving the issue of changing the tagline -go to settings, then general, then change the wording in the tagline.
    I have asked for help with this same issue but, like many others, it has not been resolved.
    Perhaps this is too complicated for a quick fix. I have changed my tagline twice andmy blog title and tagline look just fine. That is not the issue. On top of the header, I still have my original tagline and no one seems to be able to tell me how to get rid of it.
    It is above the header bar, not inside it. The forums just don’t seem to understand the question. View the ugliness at Thanks in advance for your help.

    • says

      Hi there Dolores,

      I have checked your site, and the page source as well, looks like it comes from all in seo pack plugin settings.

      Try to save all in one seo pack settings. then disable it, and see it solves the problem.

      Let me know how it goes.

      • Delores McQuigg says

        Hi Kimi:
        Wow! You are a godsend. How wonderful to find you and finally, after several months, you have solved my problem. Well, one of my problems anyway. ;}
        I didn’t have to deactivate the “all_in_one SEO plugin to remove that title that was just above the header (not in it), but in the Internet Explorer area. No one else seemed to understand my problem, but you did!
        For the benefit of others, I went to the Dashboard page, scrolled to the bottom of the page, left hand side under settings, select All-In-One SEO plugin. Open that and you will find the configuration page which is self-explanatory. Near the bottom of their form, it asks for “Titles” and “Other Titles.” I found that when I changed my tagline on the front page to a better SEO title, I neglected to go back to the SEO plugin info page and remove the old tagline.
        It was that easy! After weeks and weeks of wasted time and much hair-pulling, Kimi has solved my problem!

        • says

          Hey Delores!

          I have checked your site, and I am so happy, that it is fixed, and you fixed it yourself, thumbs up!

          Thank you for your nice words Delores, good luck with your blog :D

  3. k-dizzle says

    You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

    Please marry me! Puhleeeeeeeeezzzzzzzz

  4. says

    Thanks a lot my dear Friend. I was wondering how to change the things, Each time I go to change Header it is asking to upload an Image. I wanted to change the Title. Your tutorial helped me a lot. I appreciate.

  5. Felix says

    The information is actually really specific including videos instead of text, thank you for showing this cool stuff.

    • says

      Hi Kent!

      I have the same problem. I have a dot tk domain, and host with 000webhost. In the tab bar above the url the tab shows the following: “Flaxme|Just another WordPress…..” this is frustrating, and I’ve tried everything…. even going into CSS and adding “display:none” to the site-description. No luck. Nothing…. I’m a Noob too… and its driving me nuts. Do we have to go into php or something or is it a hosting or dot tk problem??