Remove Or Rename “Uncategorized” In WordPress

How to remove and hide or rename “Uncategorized” WordPress

At the first days of starting wordpress blog, i noticed i have “uncategorized” category in my admin panel, and everytime i wrote a post, it will show: Posted in Uncategorized..

That bothered me, and i wanted to remove or at least rename it.

I still found a few friends out there still have this on their blogs, so i thought i am going to make a video of it this morning.

In this video we will do these followings:
1. We will rename this “uncategorized” to something else. But what? the best way is we rename it to a keywords that suits to your blog’s niche.
This uncategorized is pretty useful if you have it renamed, because every posts that you forget to add in a category name, it will go under this default category name.I personally would choose this way.
2. If you really want to remove this uncategorized from your wordpress blog, we will modify some files php code which i don’t recommend because we have another way. To rename. In the part of the video, we will completely hide this uncategorized category from our sidebar.
3. For some of you who has categories list in the navbar, we will remove or hide this uncategorized by exclude the Uncategorized’s ID which is 1. It will be dissapeared from our front end blog, but you still can find it in your admin area.

Tips: Don’t forget to pick just a category for each of your post, if you pick more than one, search engines will take it as duplicating content.
// Backup your theme files first before making any changes.

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