Remove status on new facebook profile

Remove status on new facebook, especially the relationship status.

I have said a few weeks ago, that new facebook profile sucks, especially, the status of your relationship.

This status notes are mostly my birthday date, etc above the pictures or images on the most top of facebook new layout design.

To be honest, i am not yet familiar with the new layout, and find some new things step by step.

For example, i found how to get into videos on new facebook not so long ago.

If you still have old facebook profile, and curious how to get new facebook profile, check out my other guide, how to get the new facebook profile.

By the way, when i logged in to my facebook, i find the status on the top is a little annoying, i mean, it does not have to be displayed that clearly.

Facebook designer really should give us ability to remove status on new facebook profile, in my opinion…

Why i want to remove status on new facebook profile of mine?

There is one obvious reason i want to remove status on new facebook, which is i want to my make profile page more clean than now.

The other reason is, i do not want my “personal” infos to be displayed in the front, notice in the old profile, people who visit my profile has to visit “info” tab.

But now, with the new layout, it is not possible to do so. When people land to your profile page, they all will see every piece of informations you share.

So i guess it is very wise to be careful, though i am pretty sure that facebook is safe if you don’t share too much datas.

Find more in my post, how safe is facebook.

Then how do i remove status on new facebook to clear my status on the top?

remove status on new facebook

The status that i want to hide or remove.

If you remember, the old facebook profile enable you to remove your status with “clear” botton, i didn’t found this button to remove status on new facebook a few days ago.

But everything is changed and there isn’t clear button anymore to remove status on new facebook.

I guess facebook layout designer and developers have to fix this issue to remove status on new facebook very fast, as i am sure lots of people are disappointed with this, and want to be able to remove status on new facebook.

Clear button was extremely helpful and my favourite feature of the old facebook application.

Most applications and softwares developers, when they update their products, they usually improve the functionality by developing new features and keeping the old features, but not facebook!..

Oh well, at least we can use facebook for completely free no cost, even facebook mobile, check out my post about does facebook mobile cost?

So, bottom of the line of this issue, there does not seem to be a solution to clear our status in this new layout.

We can’t remove status on new facebook, but i was so happy i found a way to get around it.

The temporary solution will be very easy, edit your status, and go to any details that are showing in your status on your profile,  leave them empty.

I did try this method to remove status on new facebook, and there is no infos about relationship, birthday date, your school, and those stuff.

The downside is even your closed friends can’t know this information, but at least for now, we can hide and remove status on new facebook profile.

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