Remove WordPress Admin From Thesis Theme Footer

WordPress Admin Link in Thesis Theme Footer

For some Thesis users, the link which is labeled “WordPress Admin” in the theme’s footer is very useful and helpful.

At first, I found this linkĀ  is like a shortcut link whenever you click, it will redirect you to your dashboard or admin page’s path in the browser.

As Thesis user, I also noticed this link is enabled by default, which means, once you activate this best seo wordpress theme, you will see the link in the bottom of your front-end blog or website.

This link is actually working just like another wordpress meta widget which is usually called, “site admin” but of course, different theme, it is called different names.

Based on my own experience, from the day one I purchased and used this theme, I immediately wanted to disabled it.

Why I wanted to disable wordpress admin link in Thesis

As I wrote earlier in the first paragraph, that link can be very helpful to this theme’s users, however, as I also mentioned in my previous post, which is titled securing wordpress blog part 1, attempting people to login to your admin page is not really good idea.

Why is it not good idea? Imagine, when people visit your site, especially when they look in the footer, which is also the important part of your site, and they will see “WordPress Admin” link.

Some people will ignore it, but some will be attempted to click it. This I know from one of the security plugin I have installed in this blog some years ago (the plugin called login lockdown), even I did not have this link, I have noticed some “unwanted” access in my admin page.

I don’t recommend you to disable it, but I personally do not like seeing my admin page’s URL is displayed in my website.

I want to prevent people clicking and accessing my wordpress admin page.

How to disable or hide WordPress Admin in Thesis footer

The main reason why I wanted to write this simple tutorial is because I have seen many Thesis newbie users still have that link in their footers.

If you are my regular visitor, you might notice that I actually don’t create many Thesis theme tutorials, it’s because the theme is not free, is premium and has its own support forum.

So whenever you have problems or issues with this theme, I strongly recommend you to visit support forum.

Some simple tutorials, I will still make as they are actually already built-in features in the theme.

So this is how we can disable wordpress admin link in Thesis

1. Access your dashboard, and “Thesis” tab.

2. Click that tab, to expand the options, and click “design” option. (red highlighted in the following screenshot)

wordpress admin
Design option of Thesis theme

3.Scroll down a bit, and you will see “Administration” inside “Display Option” tab.

wordpress admin thesis
Uncheck "Show admin link in footer"

Believe me, as I was new using this theme, there are tons of theme options which I could not learn all of them in one day, so I never thought that link can be disabled in this “Administration” link, it should have “WP Admin” label :)

4.Expand that “Administration” option to see “Show admin link in footer” text.

Uncheck that option and click “Big A$$ Save Button” and refresh your blog.

The wordpress admin link should be hidden or disabled right now.

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