Rename blogroll wordpress — get rid of blogroll tutorial

Blogroll wordpress — what is blogroll?

Blogroll wordpress is basically some links that can be your own sites, external sites, friend’s sites, even post, YouTube page, Twitter, Flickr or any links that can be displayed in your blogroll wordpress sidebar via widget.

If you notice in some blogs, you will find “Friends” or “sites that i like” any words title you can have in your sidebar.

Blogroll is by default containing wordpress resources in fresh installation of a wordpress blog.

These are the default links on blogroll wordpress. (you can actually get to know it more with my video, which is titled, what to do after installing wordpress):

1. WordPress coding.

2. WordPress First Step.

3. WordPress Planet.

4. WordPress plugins.

5. WordPress Support Forum.

6. WordPress Themes.

7. WordPress videos

As you notice, those are official wordpress resources websites, which means, they are really important everytime you will need a help or information from one of those sites.

You can display them in your sidebar, that can be very useful or you can hide them from your sidebar. I bookmarked them all, but i don’t display them in my blog.

Blogroll wordpress — Some bloggers want to rename or get rid of the default blogroll.

As mentioned above, some people display the default blogroll wordpress, some don’t want.

When i was new to wordpress, and had 0 experience, i was confused, because when you want to put link in your wordpress sidebar, the blogroll with the links above will appear, and nothing else.

Recently i am also noticing some people in some forums want to know how to rename this blogroll wordpress to be something else, and some want to get rid of blogroll wordpress.

The changing blogroll wordpress method will be really simple, but because wordpress has so many cool features to get to know, newbies would not think that it can be done really in a very simple and easy way.

In the tutorial, i am using Thesis theme because it is a clean and professional theme, also chosen as best seo wordpress theme, however this method will work for every theme you use.

One condition to note, when you add one category to your links, you can create any categories you like, and can have all of them displayed in your sidebar easily with this video tutorial.

For more infos, see in wordpress website, that will explain what a blogroll wordpress and the explanation about the options of this feature.

Blogroll wordpress — video how to rename or get rid of this blogroll in wordpress.

Get rid of blogroll wordpress video:

Get rid of blogroll wordpress step by step guide:

1. In your dashboard, go to “Links” and then “Link Categories”.

blogroll wordpress

2. You will be on the page where you can add new category link. Notice, in the right side, you have only “Blogroll” as one default category link.

Link Category name: Type in category link you want to type. In the demo, i use “resources”.

Link Category slug: This is actually the URL of the category link. I usually leave it by default, because wordpress will automatically create it for you.

Description (optional): you can type the decsription of this new category link.

3. Once you are done, click “Add Category”.


1. Links and click “Add New”.

rename blogroll wordpress

You will see the new configuration options in order to add your friends or other site links:

get rid of blogroll wordpress

1. Name: The name of the site, in demo, i use Free video wordpress tutorial.

2. Web address: The web address or URL of the link, i use:

3. Description: To describe what is this website about. Basically when a visitor hover their mouses on this link, a small notification will show, which is this description.

4. Categories: Here is the most important, choose in what category this link will appear. If you choose blogroll, then it will display on blogroll, because this tutorial is going to get rid of this blogroll, so of course we are going to tick on “Resources, remember step (2) above, to get rid of blogroll wordpress step by step guide.

5. Target is also very important, because it gives you ability to choose whether if the link is clicked, will your site still remains in its place, or replaced by the web browser of the link.

In the demo, i choose, “_blank” and i usually use it too, so that it can be opened in a new tab of a browser.

Basically, that’s all i use, if you want more advance, you can read this link manager explanations from wordpress site.

6. Once you’re done, click “Add Link” button.

2. Now to display this Blogroll replacement, you can drag and drop “Links” in your Appearance and then widget. (video on how to use wordpress 3 widget tutorial).

We are done with the steps to get rid of default blogroll wordpress.

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  1. says

    Hey Kimi, thanks for dropping by my blog earlier today. I read this post with interest because of my recently release of the Spicy Blogroll plugin that serves to spice up your blogroll.

    I never thought much about link categories before and I wonder how Spicy Blogroll would deal with them … I will have to try it and find out :-)


    • says

      Thanks Michael, yes, most people don’t think much about link categories, especially those who don’t have blogrolls.

      I am one myself.

      Thanks for visiting!