Rename “Home” Twenty Ten’s Tab

How to rename, “Home” tab on the top navigation of your WordPress blog if you use Twenty Ten theme.

I have checked in Twenty Ten Theme header.php  template file, it is completely different than kübrick theme.

It’s because wordpress 3.0.1 or 3+ supports menu custom, that is in fact very useful for us.

For example, we want to add a “static” page in index page of wordpress. See more in how to change your index page or home page wordpress 3 post.

Note: This tutorial will only change the text of “Home”, the page will stay the same. If you want to change the page content to be a non-blog using twenty ten, click the link above how to change home page.

This tutorial uses functions.php (which is very sensitive), so if you want to change it in more easy way, check my how to edit “Home” label tutorial.

Since i received two errors commenters, please watch this video: BEFORE you follow this tut! =D

So let’s start it, in this demo, i change “Home” to “Internet News”.

End result image:

Tips: Use your keyword to rename this “Home” tab. Get benefit for Search Engine Optimization in your blog.

Video Tutorial:

Or if video doesn’t show watch in YouTube.


1. Admin Page (Dashboard) → Appearance → Editor → Functions.php

Be careful with functions.php, it’s best to save the content of the original file in your computer (using notepad or any HTML softwares).

2. Copy all the codes, paste it in notepad++.

3. In Line 215, or around this line, find this code:

$args['show_home'] = true;

Change it to:

$args['show_home'] = 'Internet News';


Replace the ‘Internet News’ with your custom word or keyword.

4. Copy all the codes again, paste it in functions.php in your dashboard.

5. Update File, and refresh your blog.

Credit to: WordPress

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