Reply Me Plugin Setting – One line to increase your traffic

Reply Me plugin setting – who knows it can increase visitor?

I have mentioned ReplyMe plugin in my previous entry somewhere last year.

This plugin is really great if you want to enable sending notifications or replies only to the person or commenter that has been answered or replied.

I recently noticed something really nice which we can use to increase traffic from this plugin. This is why I write this reply me plugin setting post.

If you installed ReplyMe plugin to enhance your blog’s comments area, you will probably will ignore all the settings that it has.

Basically, this plugin will work perfectly without changing anything.

But in some cases, we can add some paragraphs that can spice up the default wording or text.

Reply Me plugin setting – the notification in email content

I actually started to edit this settings to add some kind of a small signatures in the footer part of the HTML email if this plugin sends you an email.

But a few months ago, I have noticed that we can actually removed a part which can force person who received the email to come and visit your blog to see the reply of the email.

It is kind of mean, but it does not hurt. By default, this plugin will send the comment that a person made, comment date, and the URL, and also the comment reply message, time, and the URL.

By displaying the reply me plugin setting by default, will allow people who receive this email reading their own comments and the replies in email itself.

So when the reply is not too important, the chance of getting this person’s visit in your blog is really small, because they can conveniently reading the reply in their email.

Reply Me Plugin Setting – Change one line, one more visitor

Now I will post a screenshot when you install this plugin, and you do not modify anything.


reply me plugin setting

Reply Me Plugin default setting

This screenshot displays, email subject and the code of the email content of the plugin;

1. Email subject

Your comment on the post <[posttitle]> has a new reply

You can modify that text, except the <[posttitle]> part because this will display your post’s title.

Example of a simple modification:

Thank you for posting a comment in one of my post, <[posttitle]> you get a reply!

2. The code of the email content (which enables HTML code):

<p><b>Your comment on the post <a href="[posturl]">[posttitle]</a> has a new reply</b></p>
<div style="padding:10px;margin:10px 0;background:#FFFBCC">
Here is your comment:<br />
<div style="border:1px solid #919191;margin:5px;padding:4px;"> [commentmsg] </div>
[commenter] —— [commenttime]
<div style="padding:10px;margin:10px 0;background:#FFFBCC">
Here is the new reply:<br />
<div style="border:1px solid #919191;margin:5px;padding:4px;"> [newcommentmsg] </div>
<a href="[newcommenterurl]">[newcommenter]</a> —— [newcommenttime] <br />
Visit: [newcommenturl]
Thank you for your commenting on <a href="[blogurl]">[blogname]</a> :) <br />

Now after seeing the default settings, here is what you can do:

Remove the “reply” message, and replace the wording, to be like, “please click this link to view the reply”

This way, the person who is receiving this email, will have to click the link and visit your post, where he ever commented on and also reading their replies.

What you have to remove is; [newcommentmsg]

Remove that, and replace this text: Here is the new reply: to something else

The lines which should be removed and replaced are already red highlighted above.

Have you modified your reply me plugin setting?

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