ReplyMe Plugin- Your Comment on The Post Has a New Reply

WordPress Plugin to support your discussion or commenting power in your blog which will email the person who gave comment and got their comments replied.

If you have been using Subscribe To Comment plugin for a while, or you have been commented in a blog where this plugin is installed (like my blog now), it can really be annoying to always receive emails everytime a new comment is added.

Subscribe To Comment plugin is installed on almost WordPress blogs.

I noticed, whenever i wanted to give my comment this check box is always available.

The result, my email will be full of this new comments notification. Not what i want.

Just like this blog, i use Subscribe to Comment plugin, but in web6, i use ReplyMe plugin.

What does this Reply Me plugin do?

ReplyMe plugin is more convenient, in my opinion. This will “only” reply if your comment has a reply.

So when other poeple reply your comment, you will get an email notification that says, your comment on that specific post has a new reply.

Screenshot of ReplyMe Notification.


Otherwise, you won’t get any notification emails even when a new comments is added to that post.

It is because those comments are not comment reply to your comment. Pretty awesome and less annoying!

You can choose any of them or maybe even both.

To install ReplyMe, you can do; Appearance → Plugins → New, type “ReplyMe” on the search box. Or download it from wordpress website.

Tips: Try to comment on your blog for testing, to see which plugin you want to use.

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