Request Reconsideration Google Exeperience

Request reconsideration Google webmaster tool

This request reconsideration is a feature of Google webmaster tools. I have posted in one of my posts, I was happy that I have checked my Google webmaster tools account sometimes, to check my site or blog’s performance.

One of the great feature of Google webmaster tools (GWT) that I have used currently is Request reconsideration for your website feature.

Where can we find this option in our GWT account? This link can be easily found if you are logged into your account page, and in the left sidebar, almost in the bottom, you will see “requesting reconsideration for your site” link.

One of many things that I really like from GWT is the cleaness of the layout and structure that makes everything is easy to find and to read.

At first, I did not really pay attention at that link, but I guess on Google panda update in the last weeks a lot of webmasters use that link. (including me!)

Request Reconsideration Google experience and my own story

When Google panda happened, the Search Engine Result Page was changed completely, and many of webmasters and bloggers were affected.

Big and small websites, many many of them were loosing their Google’s traffic.

One of those webmasters or bloggers was me and this blog. Exactly in the June 13th, my Google traffic dropped dramatically from 4000 visitors a day down to 500 visitors a day if I am lucky.

This happened exactly when I upgrade my Thesis theme from 1.8 version to 1.8.1 version. Is upgrading the cause? Actually, no, but the time when I did upgrade was not the good time, because while Google updates its algorithm, I should not make any big changes to my blog.

So right after I have upgrade my Thesis theme, I got only 500 visitors daily. Here are the screenshots from Google Analytics and Alexa stats. (related: How to rank higher in Alexa).

request reconsideration
Dramatically dropping traffic
request reconsideration
Traffic drop data from Alexa

It was really bad experience I have ever had, and unfortunately this happened when my son has his “pfingsten” 2 weeks holiday, so I could not really spend much time for blogging.

Since June 14th, I have waited on my ranking and paid attention on it. While three days, this thing still happens, I submit request reconsideration and then while waiting for Google respond, I downgrade my 1.8.1 theme to 1.8, and the next morning, my traffic went back to normal.

What did it mean? It mean, I should be more patient, and obviously I should not submit request reconsideration, but it was too late, I pushed the button.

How long will this request Reconsideration will take?

When I got my traffic back to where it was, one thing I could conclude, my site was not banned by Google.(if it was, I would wonder why).

While waiting for a few weeks, I was also searching in some forums where people also have submitted the request reconsideration, and some says, it takes a few days, some says a few weeks.

Based on my experience, it took only a few weeks to get Google’s team respond.

And their answer is really making sense, that I should learn something: be patient. If I was patient enough, my problem was solved without submitting my request reconsideration in Webmaster tools.

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