Revo AR3700 Review |Acer AspireRevo AR3700-U3002 Slim and Compact Desktop – Blue

Revo AR3700 – Acer AspireRevo AR3700-U3002 Slim and Compact Desktop – Blue HTPC

I needed months to wait for some customer reviews on this mini desktop, Acer AspireRevo AR3700. to ditch my old PC.

I wanted all in one PC at home, that should do my computing needs, such as internet surfing, spreadsheet, wireless and other home computer tasks.

revo ar3700

The Revo AR3700.

Acer AspireRevo AR3700 is really thin, small (it has a book size) and working silently, it does excellent job with 2GB RAM.

Of course, if you want a powerhouse computer, then it is not a good choice.

For this price range, and specifications Acer AspireRevo AR3700 is a great PC for streaming movie files to a HDTV, surfing the Internet, basic PC applications and basic gaming.

Acer AspireRevo AR3700 comes with “awful” keyboard, so I decided to kept my old keyboard and using it for my daily needs.

What can Acer Aspire Revo AR3700-U3002 Slim and Compact Desktop do

My first impression on this PC was perfect.

I was very excited to get it out of the box, that I almost could not find its USB receiver that I need for my wireless keyboard and mouse, which was in fact placed in my mouse itself.

I have also tried to plugged this thing in to my HDTV, and needed about 20 minutes, I could watch TV programs via Media center and it worked perfectly.

I need to warn, that you might need to uninstall a lot of unwanted bloatwares, since this Acer AspireRevo AR3700 comes with junky softwares.

I have read the other reviews of this product, as streaming Netflix and Hulu in HD quality are the issues of this Acer AspireRevo AR3700, so I immediately updated my Revo AR3700 graphic driver (nvidia ion) and installed the latest flash version.

I had great result, I had no problems streaming them in full screaan via a browser.

Additionally, Acer Aspire Revo AR3700 has no problem at all playing HD videos from YouTube, it streams flawlessly at 720p resolution, full screen.

Acer AspireRevo AR3700 works perfectly as I attached it to my external hard drive and played some of my .vob files. It handles local network just fine thus far.

revo ar3700

Acer Aspire Revo AR3700-U3002 Slim and Compact Desktop Review Summary

If you have energy consumption saving as one of your plus points list, then this home theater PC (HTPC) is really the most cost effective device. Since it has affordable price, it also needs really small electriticy power.

If your computing needs require huge resources, for instance heavy gaming, then this little thing will disapppoint you, but if you need a home office PC then Acer AspireRevo AR3700.

Revo AR3700 will exceed your expectations, overall a tiny package with all regular PC features for less then $300 is just flat out awesome.

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