Rotating tag cloud wordpress — wp-cumulus plugin

3D rotating tag cloud wordpress plugin -Wp cumulus.

I did not know about this plugin before until i bought a package of premium game plugin and in the package wp-cumulus was included.

What wp-cumulus can do, it gives you cool effect, 3d rotating tag cloud wordpress widget in your sidebar, that is rotating, moving and giving your blog animated tags label, and powered by flash. (see my post how to add swf to wordpress).

You can even modify the look, color, and font size of the rotating tag cloud wordpress widget appearance.

There is something i want to tell, that unfortunately this plugin can’t be used if you use Twenty Ten theme, i have tried.

Installing rotating tag cloud wordpress plugin, wp cumulus.

To install wp cumulus plugin is very easy, go to Plugins → Add New, and type “wp cumulus” in search box, you will see it second of the list.

Be sure it is created by “Roy Tanck”. Install and activate it.

How to use wp cumulus plugin settings to get nice rotating tag cloud wordpress blog.

1. After rotating tag cloud wordpress plugin -wp cumulus installed, you would have settings under “Settings” → Wp cumulus.

rotating tag cloud wordpress.
2. Basically i did not change anything there.

What i changed is in the other settings, which is in “Appearance” → “Widgets” and you will see “wp-cumulus” drag and drop this widget to your sidebar.

I have posted a video about how to use widgets in wordpress 3.

3. Here i change some stuff. (you can also leave it by default).

Title: I typed “Tags” you can type anything as the title.

Width: 300px it determines the width of this animating rotating tag cloud. It depends on your sidebar’s size, you can try to experience it.


Tag color:990000. It should be hexa color, means 6 numbers. This is the the font color of wp cumulus.

Optional second color for gradient:990000 -when i changed the tag color, it was only one tag label’s color was changed, the other stays the same. But after i change this option’s color to the same color as “tag color” has, the font color are all same, which is nice.

Optional highlight color:FFFFFF. I choose this color, white, because my background is black.

Background color:000000. (black) for my background.

Background transparancy:unticked.


Tags: ticked.

wp_tag_cloud parameter:smallest=12&largest=16. (if you want to change the font size, which is smalles is 12px in this demo, and 16px is the largest, you can leave it by default setting).


rotating tag cloud wordpress plugin settings example.

Example settings.


rotating tag cloud wordpress demo

The example result.

Video Tutorial:

That’s how i use wp-cumulus plugin for my blog, 3D Rotating tag cloud wordpress.

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