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RSS Feed blog – RSS Feed URL link

When you are finished with installing wordpress, you should see “Entries RSS” in your meta widget in the default theme, Twenty Ten.

The RSS Feed URL  is You can also apply category feed, such as,

That’s RSS feed for any posts you have just published. You can either let that link shows in your Meta, or you can remove it, and change somewhere else, for example, adding an rss feed icon in your theme.

I have published video tutorials, how to remove link from your meta widget, and adding Twenty Ten rss icon posts.

Of course, if you use another theme then Twenty Ten, adding RSS icon is not an easy task, unless you know some PHP, HTML, and CSS programming language.

I am using Thesis theme, and it is extremely easy to display and hide my RSS Feed blog icon. There is an option to tick, if I want to show that icon or hide it.

By putting RSS Feed blog both in icon or a link, you will enable your visitors to subscribe, it means, when you click that link, you will land to a feed page, where it shows your most recents posts. If you set to a summary on the feed, you will just see a short paragraph that is called a teaser in your feed.

Then they will be able to choose subscribing via email, or via other feed reader, for example, Google reader.

What is actually RSS Feed blog in WordPress?

Now, we should know what exactly is a RSS Feed blog? I will not explain it with complicated words, since you can check the whole explanation about it in wikipedia page.

But I want to share how useful your RSS feed blog can be. For instance, whenever you create a new post and then you publish it, it wil be then listed in the feed format.

Once you have subscribers who want to know if there is a new updates from your blog, they will receive email notification if you use feedburner, the feed can also be accessed by feed reader such as Google reader.

Many bloggers ignore this RSS Feed feature which is infact, can be traffic source. (related post: How to increase organic traffic to your blog). If you have an adsense account, you can use adsense for feed, and I notice, one click on the feed worth more than in the website. So apart of getting traffic, you can monetize your RSS Feed as well.

I guess I have not mentioned in my older posts, that in fact, you can submit your RSS Feed URL to RSS Feed directories. (related post: submit your blog to high PR blog directories). This way, you will have another extra backlinks.

I have made a video tutorial how to set up your RSS Feed blog wordpress with feedburner, you can follow that tutorial, in order to get an email subscription box, so your readers can add their email addresses, and they will receive your new post notification, directly to their emails.

rss feed blog

Also, do not forget, you can use RSS feed blog directories to submit yours for free.

RSS Feed blog summary or full content discussion

I remember I have visited a blog that post an article about we should publish our feed in a full content. Everyone has their own prefrences for this, but I choose to publish them in summary.

My reason is because nowadays, there are tons of autoblogs which scrap content of RSS feed blog, and if I had my feed on full content, people who find that feed, will not visit my blog, because they can already find the whole information in that autoblog.

So set the feed to summarize will also help to increase your traffic.

Is your RSS Feed blog summarized too?

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